10+ articles on Leige race. We get it Cycling tips, you love racing ๐Ÿ˜…

Maybe consolidate them into a single thread?

Wait, is a cycling site offering coverage of cycling?


My observation is that Cyclingtips is certainly putting out more articles about pro cycling. If indeed true, I am not sure if this is a strategic decision made after the acquisition by Outside.

It does surprise me a bit as Velonews and Peloton also seem heavily focused on pro cycling news (I am not a regular reader of either), and my sense was that Cyclingtips is more an eclectic mixture of topics many of which are focused on cycling has a hobby rather than spectator sport.

I certainly welcome additional coverage, especially contextual articles rather than race reports. Such as the the photo galleries of both editions and the two previews.


I actually do like and enjoy the race coverage by Cyclingtips. Yes, itโ€™s true others do it too but if you read the articles excluding the race report, a lot of them are different from the other publications - including race analysis. This also applies to the YouTube videos from Cosmo Catalano and Dave Everett.


But do you need a dozen on the same race. There is a balance between race coverage and โ€œmilking for contentโ€.

I am all for it. But a dozen is too much. Maybe consolidate some of them.

Correct me if Iโ€™m wrong, but wouldnโ€™t you only speak of threads in a forum? Cyclingtips per se is a website - thus no threadsโ€ฆ
Apart from that IMHO racing is a big part of road cycling, so it most definitely deserves proper representation here.


I was speaking along the lines of NYT, FT etc. for example on the Ukraine war. Adequate representation and swamping the website is the difference I was talking about.

Iโ€™ll always take race coverage over productorials about the latest anodized ceramic jockey wheels that will save you an 1/8th of a watt on a dyno or gravel specific GPS holders.


Iโ€™m a paying subscriber and try to ignore the race coverage altogether. Iโ€™d rather just read technical content from James and Dave :sweat_smile:.

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There was a lot of drama surrounding Liege, though. Crashes, superstars doing superstar things. I appreciated timely coverage of those things. Also the new โ€œstrategy recapโ€ of key moments is really, really good.


Exactly thisโ€ฆand rather than forcing readers to go through a single article, they have provided separate, condensed articles re: the central issues from the race.

makes perfect sense to me.