105 12 speed and di2 confirmed for 2022?

Got sent this screenshot by an old friend who apparently gets still gets sent the current Shimano OEM from a previous job and they haven’t removed them from the mailing list. Not sure if its old news now or not but I haven’t seen anything beyond speculation on its existence so far.
12 speed 105 mechanical and di2 is available for OEMs to purchase as of Jan 2022. I was told that initial deliveries should be expected in June I guess for model year 2023 bikes.


It’s good to see that there will be a mechanical option! I wonder if rim brakes will still be supported for both electronic and mechanical shifting 12 speed?

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That timing seems odd…basically they are saying it is available now for order. I’m sure it is coming, but not certain about the dates.

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Why does it seem odd? Thats exactly what they are saying…

OEM purchase for shimano always operated on a ~6 month lead time prior to cv-19 product shortage/shipping delay issues?

(the friend who sent me that email worked for a now defunct UK bike brand when I also used to work at a bike brand hence my familiarity with the process) we always used to plan to order in the spring/winter for a summer delivery ready to have groupsets for the autumn/fall release of the following model year bikes.

Timings from that spreadsheet are completely irrelevant for the aftermarket consumer market or even local distributors as it is solely for bike brands to buy parts for the next model year.
I asked for a pic of the dates for you anyway and The initial delivery date for 105 di2 mechs is 06 2022

It always used to be updated monthly and emails got sent out to customers with OEM purchasing accounts and when it is updated with revised lead times or product updates, I suspect its been added to the list of available items now solely because it has been allotted a position in their factory planning so they simply have a planned completion date for the manufacturer and subsequent shipping rather than anything ‘odd’

This actually looks accurate and lines up with what I’ve been told previously; I’ve been hearing the same timeline from industry friends for a minute now, taking orders in January for delivery in mid June to early July.

My experience was always that by the time OEM’s were ordering components, their existence was already pretty well-known.

That said, it has been a few minutes since I was doing product development work in the bike biz, so I could be mis-remembering timing or things could have changed since then (or any combination thereof! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Is 06/22 delivery to factories/OEM? What’s the likely time frame to having a group on a bike, on a showroom floor/LBS display rack?

Mind that benlloyd50 said:

initial deliveries should be expected in June I guess for model year 2023 bikes

So bikes in the showroom by the end of 2022, the begin of 2023 at best?

Shouldn’t be that long…will depend on the size of the orders form the brands, but let’s say 30 days for manufacturing / assembly (assuming all other components are available). Then you only have to worry about transit…in the “before times”, that was another 30 days…longer now, but down substantially from the crisis of last year (90-120 days+). Even if you call it 60 days, that is product available in late September / early October.

That’s broadly in line with release of 2023 year models, then, really. I seem to recall Cannondale saying they would take a different approach to that timetabling, but it does sound like Shimano are aiming to hit that market rollout and be ready for Christmas presents.

Good thing I wasn’t going to try to capitalize on my 105 12 speed conversion.


Will be interesting to see if 105 Di2 components (assuming they happen) will talk to Ultegra. If so, could see a lot of people taking an AXS type approach, buying 105 shifters and derailleurs, and getting an Ultegra chainset and cassette to save a bit of weight. I’d certainly be very interested in that set up. Might need to save some pennies for the summer…

You wouldn’t need 105 to talk to Ultegra components in that scenario….all the Ultegra stuff would just be “dumb” components.


Doh. Of course.

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Now, my guess will the the Ultegra shifters will be quite a bit nicer than the 105…either through weight, aesthetics or ergonomic (or some combo thereof)……I could see wanting to use Ultegra shifters w/ 105 derailleurs.

This is the “problem” with electronic groups…it becomes challenging to create group differentiation outside of weight.

There’s already differentiation between Ultegra and 105 hydraulic that doesn’t involve shifting. Ultegra has free stroke adjustment and servowave which 105 doesn’t (ignoring the chunky 105 5800’s servowave).

I’m wouldn’t be surprised if Shimano got rid of the top button on the hood, and even copies SRAM, reducing the number of connectors on the lever body.

Maybe functionality? I could see Ultegra having the extra blips and buttons, but 105 being strictly up-down shifting on the brake blades.

Do not forget software functiionality: sequential shifting; auto FD compensation; number of downshifts in one go; integration with head units and power meters…

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On the first screenshot, there’s what seem to be the first row for rear hubs ? Can you please tell us if there are rim brake 105 7100 hubs, and 7100 rim brakes ?

Side note: not surprising but impressive to see that the file lists 42.661 entries (as many as SKUs for all of Shimano’s cycling products I assume).

I got my friend to forward me the spread sheet to dig into a bit more, probably going to disappoint a lot of people with this… looks like there will be no 7100 series rim brake option. ( for example they list 9200/8100 series dura ace/ ultegra rim brake di2 sti levers and rim brake calipers)
It looks like GRX will be going 12 speed in both mechanical and Di2 too but initial delivery dates for that are December 2023!