12 Speed GRX Di2?

Any rumors?
Holding fire on going Di2 on my gravel bike in the presumption the next gen is coming soon.
Internet details are very barren, which makes me think it may not be for a while.

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As far as I can tell now, GRX 12-speed Di2 should appear on model year 2024 bikes.

(my best educated guess)

Interesting!So 2024 model bikes would be mid 2023 maybe?

Also side note, thanks so much for your website! I used it so much when setting up my Di2 bike (and hence now want Di2 on all my bikes)

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Late 2023 / early 2024 would be my bet :slight_smile:

If it’s 2024 that would squarely put Shimano so far behind they might as well be making analog flip phones. SRAM AXS will be 3rd gen by then and Campy will likely have wireless Ekar 13. I don’t understand why Shimano didnt just have a software update for GRX di2 shifters, and bring the system in-line with Ultegra. As gravel is the current biggest market (outside e-bikes) that seems like a miss.


Yeah, depending how long it takes me to find a new gravel frame I like, I may have to jump ship to SRAM, I’m just not sold on 1x