2020/21 Giant Defy frame sets (or lack thereof)

Hello- My aim is to build a ripper Giant Defy with light wheels and my choice of parts my way, but Giant don’t seem to sell this model’s frame sets. Would anyone know where some might be had?

Barring that, do comparable frame sets exist out there that would form the basis of a light, fast ‘endurance/all road’ bike? I’m over ‘race’ bikes, I want versatility and more high speed stability,

I didn’t think Giant offer the Defy as a frame set only so your only real option would be to find one 2nd hand or buy new and strip/sell what you don’t want.

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I realize all that, that’s why I made this thread to put out the feelers.

Does it have to be Carbon? If not then a Fairlight Strael, Standert Pfadinder, Kinesis RTD or Mason Definition/Resolution spring to mind for aluminium/steel but there’ll be others. Also several Ti options that other posters would know more than me about.


Argon 18 Krypton Pro is available as a frameset, and one of the best riding bikes I have ever had the pleasure of throwing a leg over. The 3D headset is really neat and allows you to dial in the stack without an ugly tower of spacers.

I would also check out the Allied Echo.

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A Focus Paralane is another really good endurance bike to look at

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Just as an FYI, Fairlight are back-ordered until at least mid 2022 in most sizes, early 2023 in some, and Mason are a little better but you’re still looking at Easter, realistically.

I say this as a man who’s been doing some sums and contemplating some projects over the weekend :slight_smile:

In many cases, your best bet will be to find a good-condition, full second-hand bike with the frameset you want. Then you either a) strip off the components and sell them or b) if you already the components you want, then do a frame and componen swap-over transplant. Certainly, with what I’m contemplating, that is the most financially sound and practically viable approach.

I wa aware of the Krypton Pro and the Allied Echo. Those two frame sets are no-brainers and would form the basis of pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. My budget is a little too restrictive, otherwise…