2022 Pro Team Kit reviews

This is a totally subjective place to endorse, rubbish and generally lambast 2022’s new team clothing,
My 20c worth to kick things off.
Bike Exchange men’s team looks like a return of Gerolsteiner. The faded 2 tone blue jersey and blue shorts seem to be a flashback to the late 1990 and early 2000s.
Quick Step - love the change to Castelli for 2022 but the plethora of logos from what seems like 300 different sponsors reminds me of the smaller Italian teams such as Androni Giocattoli–Sidermec in it’s various incarnations where to get a contract, a rider needed to bring in another sponsor until the jerseys looked like something out of Nascar racing. The Casino logo on the shoulders looks particularly cheap and nasty.

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I haven’t seen a lot of the new kits yet, but I like the change for Bike Exchange. Their last kit was pretty blah and unremarkable. Just disappeared in the bunch, IMO.

I think the new Trek-Segafredo kit is ungodly boring (again), while the latest QS kit is pretty much just the next iteration of a pretty constant theme.

Undecided on the new Bora kit form LeCol…but I think it will standout in the bunch.

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I like Bora—best kit they’ve had. JV should use their TDF kits all the time.


I actually think the Bike Exchange-Jayo women’s kit looks better than the men. Agree there’s shades of Gerolsteiner there, but the men’s will struggle to stand out in the peloton.

Ineos looks an improvement, Movistar is a big but good change. AG2R looks to me they’ve done the best they can with theirs - but the colour scheme is always off-putting. Lotto-Soudal have stayed conservative, but I like the direction UAE have gone. Stands out, good colour blend - but the conflicts with other teams across the UCI is a joke.

Not much of a hurdle to clear…:rofl:

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True. But I genuinely like the new one.

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I don’t think I really like the BikeExchange kit, but I’m not sure. (They’re the team I follow the most, so I want to like it.) I spent a few minutes trying to work out what it was, why it wasn’t sitting right with me…
The comment above about it being 90s/00s is right, and I think that’s what’s getting to me. I can’t tell if it’s old-fashioned and dated, and just kinda bad, or if there’s some retro intent there. If they wanted to lean into the retro thing I think they should have gone harder.
It’s definitely better than last year, though. You couldn’t have picked that kit out of a line-up of one.

Just saw it……:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Hadn’t seen Movistar. Pretty classy.

So far I like the QuickStep kit maybe the most, Bike Exchange/Jayco is a throwback to 2008 but it also looks really great. Movistar, I think I preferred last year’s but the new kit still looks really great. Bora-Hansgrohe I just can’t get past the red swatch on the right hip, I get the look is asymmetric but the red looks way out of place. Jumbo-Visma and UAE look about the same. Ineos also looks about the same, maybe a bit better with a bit more contrast at the shoulders. Bahrain looks about the same, as does Lotto-Soudal, Groupama-FDJ, DSM, AG2R, ISN. To me , the biggest step backward is Trek-Segafredo with the all-white jersey, I really prefer the 2021 look with the blue shoulders.

Procyclingstats is updating as they receive, plus one can cruise each team’s IG to get a good look. Cofidis is out on the 6th, EF must be soon as well.

Good round-up of some kit here…

really like the women’s FDJ kit. Sharp!

As I commented directly under the article - it is not up do date, more like a preliminary draft that got published. Luckily there is no article limit for VC members :sweat_smile:

I like the new ISN kit (for the first time):

Interesting as that design is different than the one in the CT article above…

But if you look at the kit they are wearing, they clearly have a different kit underneath, which looks like it may be like the one pictured above.


new Cofidis kit released…like it.


My take: All World Tour peloton kit is terrible. The need for dozens of sponsors at the WT level ensures that all kit is a garish mess. Amateur cyclists kit is a lot better than pro kit. That said, this year’s Movistar kit is the best from a weak field.

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