2022 Worlds course

So apparently the 2022 Worlds courses will be announced this month.

One tidbit of interest - the start and finish will be in Wollongong, rather than in Sydney as has been predicted.

So what kind of course will we end up with? The best chance of an Aussie win would be a flat course for Caleb Ewan, but that’s almost impossible to arrange in that part of the world. Another course custom-made for Julien Alaphilippe and Annamieke van Vleuten?

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I reckon it will be pretty flat. They are surely going to go through the Royal National Park and get there along the coast road and the Sea Cliff Bridge - I can see the helicopter vision already! No big hills in rNP - nothing more than a couple of kms and average 4-5%. The only substantial climb will be if they go inland and up the escarpment to Robertson which is still only 7km and about 7% average.


The Australians are never going to put this race on. They’ve already cancelled their early 2022 races…I can almost guarantee there’s a plan b getting spun up as we speak.

Better if it goes to Belgium again, what an amazing race this years edition was.

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If they could hit up Kangaroo Valley, Berry and/or Macquarie pass then it could be quite selective. Something like a loop through the Royal National Park to warm up then head south to the hills before heading back to Wollongong. Starting and finishing in Wollongong seems like a missed opportunity really to bring in some varied terrain.

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It’ll happen.

I won’t bore foreign readers with all the machinations of our various governments in response to covid, but the long and the short of it is that the two biggest two states and one territory (New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory) are currently in the middle of a (small, by world standards) delta outbreak. The plan in those three states is to finish vaccinating everyone (which is a few weeks away) and then open up. The reason why we’re not already vaccinated to those levels is also quite a saga (mostly federal government incompetence, in short). Within a few weeks the double-dose vaccination rate will be at similar levels to Europe and the more vaccinated parts of the United States, and life should be pretty similar to those places - if you’re vaccinated, life is mostly back to normal. The Worlds 2022 host city, Wollongong, is in New South Wales.

The other states, including the host state of the TDU, are quite literally covid free, and to do this they’ve shut their borders to the entire rest of the world, including other Australians. It’s unclear, to say the least, when this will end.

Worlds 2022 will happen; it’s just not clear whether half the country will be reopened to visitors by then!


Hopefully it will be like this year’s track worlds and they will give the organization to Roubaix !

Having a French UCI president sure seems to help. I don’t think the Roubaix velodrome even meets the standards for track WC but it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

But route-wise it could be good, as you have open flatlands, cobbles, hills (Cassel, Mont noir, Mont Vert, Mont des Cats, etc.) and cobbled hills (Kemmel) nearby.

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Signage is already up in Wollongong.

From yesterday’s ride…

As a follow-up, Caleb Ewan has said publicly he’s targeting 2022 Worlds. Must be a flattish one.