AFR article today: 'How Everesting became the ultimate bike challenge'

Nice article in today’s Australian Financial Review (I haven’t included a link because there is a paywall).


Interesting little overview, though, honestly, I have never got the point of it all–why “Everest”? It all seems rather arbitrary. To me, it’s simply an elevation of a mountain that no bike will ever climb (albeit the tallest in the world), and why must it be within “24 hours”?

I understand personal challenges, of course, and I do know folks who actually do things like this, but, personally, I think there are more impressive feats to be attempted on the bicycle out there, such as replicating Thomas Stevens’ three year journey (in the 1880s!) around the world by bicycle (on a large-wheeled “ordinary” aka “penny farthing”)–but, I guess one day versus three years is one trade off most can’t afford to make–still, Everest? 24 hours, or less? Nearly passing out, becoming delirious and/or starving to death along the way–it all seems quite odd and contrived, but, if it floats your boat, go for it.


This is why:


For those of you interested, this was one of the first (maybe the first?) documented ‘Everests’: Mt Everest in a Day - CyclingTips


Hey @macnmaze if it helps, I’m the guy who started all this and I still haven’t figured out the ‘why’ yet either! It’s all just a bit of fun, and something to push and challenge yourself. A select few do it for a fast time, but for the majority it’s a personal challenge (in the same way you could question literally any athletic endeavour! Why run a marathon, why do an Ironman, why play club sport etc.)

I’m not sure where the 24 hours came in. There is no ceiling on time, with the only caveat being that it needs to be without sleep - but breaks are encouraged. I think the majority tend to finish around the 14-18 hour mark, but some of my favourite and most memorable attempts are north of 24 hours. That’s where the sheer determined and tenacity comes in.


It’s certainly one of the things on my “list”, because, well, why not.

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