Aftermarket Shimano road compatible disc brake pads

Some discussion generated on the Veloclub slack about potential replacements for Shimano L-series brake pads, which do not seem to be in stock anywhere. Putting everything discussed there here and hoping others will chime in with additional options:

Disco Brakes




I use Gorilla pads, cheap, quick delivery in the UK and lots of different pad shape and compound options:

Galfer pads tend to be good in my experience.

I have just bought some cheap Prime ones from Wiggle, haven’t fitted them yet

The LBS’s mechanic suggest me to try jagwire pads a couple years back. Since then i use that. It’s only half the price of shimano’s pads.

I have had good success with both gorilla and disco, EBC is another good option

I’ve had good experience with uberbike race pads in my formula and Shimano MTB brakes. Will probably try their finned race ones for GRX when I need some fresh ones.

Finned also are easy to replace with find being separated from braking material.

Imagine that shimano stuff out of stock. With their manufacturing woes. Hopefully their new factorys get up and running soon in the next 8 months. There are alternatives for sure if you can find them.

Lots of alternatives MTX only does MTB
Tektro, jagwire, kool stop, and others happy hunting

I don’t think MTX is MTB-only; the “Red Label RACE” series was the only ultegra-compatible pad my LBS had in stock recently, and they’re (seemingly, anyway) made for Shimano road grouppos

I’ve had good results from the Yellow Swissstop RS pads on both Shimano and SRAM brakes.

I’ve been more than happy with Swissstop pads - definitely better than original pads.

Galfer standard (black) works great in my experience. The pads have a little more material then the original Shimano ones (slightly longer life maybe?). The road (blue) compound tends to squeal for no reason with the Ice tech rotors, standard (black) compound is fine. Sometimes there is a need to get a bit mineral oil out of the brake system to allow the pistons in caliper to retract fully to accomodate the slightly thicker pads.