Alex Dowsett’s Hour Record Attempt

About 36 minutes in, and he’s a couple seconds outside Campanaerts’ distance.

He seems to be adjusting his seating position a lot, or is it just me seeing that?

Watching it and he’s starting to slow up a bit, he was aiming for 16.3s laps and he’s riding 16.7s ones.

He’s definitely moving around a lot on the saddle which can’t be helping the aero

EDIT - 177 laps in and he’s basically a lap behind schedule

Yeah, 19s behind now, it’s a long way back from here.

Came up a little short. That must be brutally hard.


it’s so hard to hold the position on a TT bike. the pain as you edge about on the saddle under normal pedalling action, as you get sweaty and it starts to abrade your skin (sorry, too much detail) can be greater than the effort in your legs. I love little hills in TTs where I can jump out of the saddle and relieve the pressure, but he doesn’t get that on the velodrome.

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve read about hour records. There’s no corners to freewheel around and get your breath back, there’s no descents to get into a tuck and coast, there’s no hills to get up and stand on the pedals; you’re just staying in an uncomfortable tuck, pedaling as hard as you can, for 60 minutes, with no break.


I’ll hope our Filippo Ganna will get the record next year…

I think Ganna could hit 56+ on his training bike.

You could always do what Tony Martin did and use sandpaper to grip to the saddle (It didnt end well for him)

4 World Championships, 5 Grand Tour ITT stages, and 9 stage race victories due to his TT skills… I think it worked out pretty well for Tony.

It clearly wasn’t comfortable, but y’know.


Yup. That’s a rainbow jersey on Tony.

That said, given Dowsett’s hemophilia was the big reason for him to attempt the record, it’s probably for the best that he wouldn’t take such an approach…


His overall career was amazing I just meant that day

Not sure the pic was meant to illustrate the jersey :wink:

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