Aluminum bike recommendation?

Ugh. Do you know which years have threaded and when they switched to press fit?

I believe they just switched for the 2022 model year and changed the geometry.

Re-reading my original post, I see I was unclear that the new ALR is the one with the threaded bottom bracket.

I highly recommend the Klein Quantum Gravel.

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value aluminum gravel bike than the Diamondback Haanjo 5. I am 5 years on mine at this point and no complaints. Got it mostly because it was cheap through an employer pro deal, to use for winter commuting. I use it a lot for long gravel rides and a bit of bike packing as well. Versatile geometry for gravel, road, and a bit of single track. Spec’d with GRX, HED wheel set, decent rubber, etc. for ca. $2,000 USD retail.

Unlike many cyclists I don’t like to have too many bikes :upside_down_face: !

I’ve tried mixing bigger tyres on road bikes, and road wheels/tyres on both gravel and CX bikes in the search for the one do-it-all (for me) bike.

As I’m not really into harder core trekking or even rough bike packing, I’ve found a good alu CX bike the most versatile basis for my needs. They are generally lighter and more roadie-like (with a nice light set of road wheels) than gravel bikes yet still provide a solid basis for lower gearing, frame mounts and reasonably wide tyres for back road and easy trail rides and tours.

I’ve done everything on an old 2011 CAADX (now consigned to the trainer) and currently ride a 2017 Focus Mares AL Disc for most ‘recreational’ riding, alongside my carbon endurance road bike which I use for long road and event rides, though the Focus could easily do them as well.

My regular riding buddy just picked up a Giant Contend SL as a winter bike, and I have to say I was impressed with how much bike it was for the money.

I have a rim brake ALR (maybe 2019?) that I managed to get setup as di2 without drilling. It did take a bit of work, but the cables all made their way through with a bit of force and time :+1:

Returning to this thread to see if anyone has experience ordering a Mason to the US.

Anything to know? Trouble doing so?

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