Am I just grumpy? Ebay etiquette

I’m currently selling a bunch of stuff on eBay, including a couple of bikes. The lower priced stuff just has a starting bid of the lowest price I’m prepared to accept when commission is taken off, while the higher end stuff has a buy it now price (realistically 10-15% more than I’d expect to get) with the option to make a best offer.

I’m getting a lot of emails with ‘what’s your best price?’ or equivalent, to which my reply is ‘if you think the buy it now price is too high, please feel free to make me an offer’. I’m not going to bid against myself, as it were.

Am I just being grumpy or unreasonable here? My wife thinks so :slight_smile:

I always just thought if something was listed with a fixed price, asking if there was any room for negotiation was fair enough, but if the item specifically invites offers, then just make an offer… :man_shrugging:

Slightly OT, there are some absolute bargains in the higher end bike department starting to come up on eBay UK. I wonder if it’s a combination of now regretted lockdown purchases and/or the cost of living squeeze here.

Interestingly bikes and components be it new and retro were selling like crazy on Facebook during 2020/21 but now some are barely moving at all. Some bargains to be had.


I’ve been having garbage luck with local FB groups. Ebay has worked for some items. I’ve been having the best luck with PinkBike’s BuySell.

Definitely seeing a slowdown in buying (a glut of inventory available) and prices dropping accordingly. I have a super nice Ti bike I may end up parting out since it’s hard to find a buyer right now. You might be sitting on your high end stuff for a while if you want top dollar.

Yeah I’ve just had low ballers on FbMP. I’ve sold a couple of high end bits lately on eBay. On both occasions, I’d say the price I got was bottom end of average: not awful, but the buyer got the better deal


If I give the option to make an offer on ebay, I usually get some ridiculously low offers. It costs nothing to try, so some people will do that and hope they get lucky.

And yes, along me what the best price I will do is annoying. If you want to negotiate, don’t expect me to jump right to the bottom! I usually respond by asking them what they are hoping for, which tends to throw them off guard.


After some of the ludicrous exchanges today alone, I’m re-affirming my opinion that I’d really rather not use eBay. Sadly, there isn’t an obviously better alternative.

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I wouldn’t be grumpy about that. Those people are always there, looking to see if they can negotiate a huge discount for themselves. When I get such messages, I just say, “You can big with the others, or you can pay the ‘Buy it Now’ price.” No one gets to know what the least I’ll accept is.

I can’t complain about eBay. Yeah, eBay’s cut is not small, but the pool of potential customers is large, and usually the price at which my things sell is pretty good, at least in my eyes. FB Marketplace…I hate that. The last item I put on FBM resulted in two messages, each saying they were interested and each asking if they could have my phone number so they could call me. Both were from people whose FB profiles had zero posts and zero information. I have no idea what sort of scam they were trying to run. Needless to say, I don’t just hand out my phone number.


Doesn’t really bother me, I just list stuff and ignore anyone who tries to negotiate in the questions. Di2 105 was great. Sold my old 6800 group for close to what I paid for it 50,000 miles ago after that came out and it basically paid for my electronic group. God bless retrogrouches and luddites.

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If you live anywhere near London then you could sell on the LFGSS forum, that’s where I sell my stuff.

No silly offers and you deal with decent human beings who mainly know their stuff.

Folks try to pull that on ebay Kleinanzeigen - the German ebay marketplace equivalent. I just ignore them.

The only people i will haggle with are the ones who bother showing up and have a good reason for a reduced price. When i was selling my Giant Trance i went on a test ride with the buyer. He liked the bike and wanted to buy, but noted a few scratches and asked if i could come down on the price. It was a fair exchange and we both walked away happy.

Oh - and this was after getting half a dozen low ball offers over the course of several weeks. I think i was asking for 1800 and folks were low balling me with 1200 or 1300€ offers - which even pre pandemic would have been laughable.

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I got offered £45 for a brand new Ultegra chainset!

I now won’t haggle when someone comes to collect from eBay. I describe very carefully and put in lots of photos.

I changed my mind after someone won an auction a few years back, then turned up at my place to collect it. They were in my garage haggling with me for about an hour, claiming they could only get out £1200 cash (iirc the bike sold for about 1350). In the end I told them they’d wasted a journey and just to forget it, at which point they mysteriously discovered the extra in their car… :rage:


eBay charge outrageous fees. The upside is you get a large market and don’t need to haggle and buyers feel more safe.

Asking what your best price is, that’s just a waste of time. That’s what the system is for, make on offer and find out. You can set it to auto reject any offer below X.

just say you’ve had loads of interest so at this time you’ll sell for the listed price, but will consider offers and take the best one.

This. My last bike sale cost me ~10% of the sale price.

Yeah I don’t sell anymore on eBay but I do buy from there.

I sometimes ask what they were hoping for just to get a feel for it.

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I’m in the UK as well, you’re right there are some bargains on ebay at the moment. Suspect the cost of living etc. has prompted quite a few people to have a clear-out, myself included.

Re: offers, the main issue I have with them is I get a good chunk of non-payers from offers (had one this week). I think they invite chancers more than auctions. Will probably disable them in future sales.

Anyone using the words “best price” is just ignored.

It is not about the ebay platform. People do the same everywhere and in the local ads as well. I look at the market to know where I am sitting at and always put the asking price 10% more than I am willing to let it go for because I know people can’t just buy something without having the feeling or making a bargain out of it.

Anything below the price I have in mind or people asking for my “last price”, I just ignore and do not reply. This is just noise. If people make me an offer I can accept I reply. And I never let anyone set a meeting before we agreed on a price because otherwise they just show up and raise the oh I only have this amount with me flag.


My latest ebay grumpiness is this fake Colnago. The seller sells high end bikes. He seems like he’s trying to be a smaller The Pros Shop. I let him know that his Colnago was fake and it’s still listed. I reported it to ebay and it’s still listed as a Colnago.

I forgot. After notifying the seller of their fake Colnago, I got an offer from him for $4,000 since it was in my watch list. :slight_smile: