Am I just grumpy? Ebay etiquette

He’s asking $4500 for a bike and can’t come up with more than three words to describe it? That’s a deal breaker right there.

Same…that almost says exactly how my ebay sales go

That dude’s eBay store is insane. Where is he getting those prices? Is he shipping the bikes with cocaine in them? LOL

I have some bad experiences selling on ebay. People will bid and then not pay. So I would have to wait several days before I can cancel the auction for non-payment. Worse, once I cancel the auction due to non-payment, ebay doesn’t allow me to report the buyer.


Have to be careful with eBay buyers that pickup. They can claim the item was never received and because there is no postage details eBay will side with the buyer.

Ha ha “last price”.
If your item is $500 tell them your last price is $600!
If they come back whinging then add another $100 and keep doing this until they go away and find someone else to jerk around.

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I believe you should scan the buyer QR code when they collect the item. Been a while since I used it so things may have changed. You can also select a cash option.

I usually prefer Gumtree or similar for sales since no fees and I prefer if they have a chance to test ride. Just have a price in mind and stick it.

Fair point. If it’s a valuable item I always get a photo of them with the item, but whether or not that would actually count for anything is moot.

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If they want to pick up in person, they should pay cash. :slight_smile:

I’m a freelancer, and regularly get e-mails asking “what’s your best rate” from bottom-feeders.

I know I’m not going to want to work for these people. If I reply at all, I say “best for you, or best for me?”


Ebay has a function where the buyer brings a pickup code you enter into the app to prove they were there and picked up the item. Used it several times. No dramas.

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I think the worst are those that ignore clearly stated shipping criteria. It’s fun to make them pay to get a shipping service to pick up and pack a (local pickup only) bike, though.

Whenever i sell on eBay no one wants to pay what i want for the item everyone wants the bargain! eg i sold some Lake 332 shoes 100 quid; id have liked 200 due to them being used but new and in great condition… it’s never a profit, ebay fees are stupidly expensive and hardly make it worth it and no other selling medium is as popular

I had the odd eBay success over lockdown (I sold some dumbbells for silly money) but in general I agree. FBMP is tumbleweed right now.

The only way you’re getting sensible money for complete bikes is parting it out tbh. Mind you, if you’ve got a high end groupset and wheels that’s always been the way to get the biggest return if you could be bothered.

I think asking £200 for used shoes is wildly optimistic, no matter how well used or fancy they are.

Sigma are currently selling them new for less than £200

Seems like £100 was a fair price to me, remember there’s no guarantee when buying from eBay which immediately knocks a fair bit of value off.


Not speaking specifically to these shoes, but I work on the basis that even if something is perfect and practically unused, if there’s no guarantee, you’re losing 25% of the value*. 1 year old, current model, very good used condition, less a third on new.

And as soon as a major retailer discounts, that’s base price. I got hit with this on some wheels. Bought at close to £1000, sold less than a year later, but by this point they were available for £800 new. I got £600 and thought that was a fair price.

The only way you’re getting close to rrp for anything used at all is a major availability shortage (AXS 10-33 used cassettes spring to mind).

*AFAIK, only Spesh and Trek have transferrable warranties, which does help resale.


If no one is buying at the price you want to sell for, you have misjudged the market for your good or service. (Happens to me all the time selling bits and bikes. Take the market price and move on. Cash is worth more than having an unused item gathering dust in your basement.)


This exactly. And there is no reason to get annoyed by low ballers or any offer. An offer is an offer and as a seller you should be happy for any and all offers. If the communications are ridiculous, just don’t respond. End of story. No reason to be soured on ebay.

I recommend that you all do a completed auction search before selling your item. Then, you’ll know the range of completed sales. I tend to shoot for the high average or more if my item is in exceptional condition or rare. If I have the only crankset in 167.5mm with 52/36 chainrings at the time of my listing, I’ll ask for the high end of the range. It’s supply and demand. If there are 5 other listings for the exact same part then you have to get your price in line or buyers will just buy another seller’s part.

I switched to Buy It Now because too many items got through selling for below average. If you can wait a week or two or three, then you’ll get at least the average price by just waiting.

Here’s my other recommendation -


I see so many sellers of bike parts on ebay that cannot be bothered to clean their parts. Personally, I love it because I’ve gotten huge discounts by buying dirty parts.

eBay is a great resource. Despite their 13% vig, you’ll usually get more for yours there than on your local classified board which will more than offset the fees.



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