Angry Dogs

frame punp if the dog is medium sized or larger…

Leaned it the hard way as a kid when i had a newspaper route

Good idea. I also had a paper round as a kid and would basically be assaulted by dogs as soon as I’d walk up someone’s drive to deliver their paper. Of course the owner would always downplay it as the dog playing with me.

This certainly fed into my hatred of dogs!

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Dog owners have a lot of love for their pets, and that’s great, but they have a lot of trouble understanding that some people did not grow up with dogs, do not have a relationship with dogs, and do not want to have a relationship with dogs. A very friendly, playful dog can be really threatening to those of us who aren’t dog people, and I wish dog owners were more understanding and respectful of that.


Entirely agree with you and sympathize. The issue, though, for bike riders is usually on gravel roads, and when we are talking gravel roads, we are usually talking very rural areas (at least here in the US). On the gravel roads I ride, I can go 4 hours and see 3 cars, and often more Amish wagons than cars. The dogs out there have likely never seen a leash, and I can’t very well ask the Amish farmers to leash their dogs. So I have adopted a strategy of stopping and making friends with the dogs. When people in the town where I live want to start riding gravel out there, and tell me they are going to outrun the dogs, or spray them with water, or pepper spray them, I get annoyed by this, because it is totally unnecessary and turns the dogs against cyclists. Ultimately (and I feel bad saying this), I think that people who can’t be comfortable around dogs just shouldn’t be riding in these areas.

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This doesn’t really help those who are afraid of dogs solve the problem, but I love dogs and thought this was a fun video on the topic. It cracked me up hearing him talk to the dogs like I do. Dogs Chasing Cyclists #naughtydog #dogschasing #dogschasingbikes - YouTube

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Hmm… the image above of the cyclist and the drumstick has got me thinking. One of my go-to ride snacks are pieces of oven-roasted bacon drizzled with brown sugar or maple syrup. I cut these up into bite-sized pieces and into a zip-lock bag.
I think the dogs can smell my bacon snacks.

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I carry pepper spray. I’ve lived in 4 other states previously but never seen as many wandering dogs as I have in west Texas. There are too many strays and irresponsible owners, so I have to do what I need to do. After getting crashed by a dog running under her front wheel, my wife won’t ride with me unless we’re prepared to deal with dogs.

I designed this bottle cage mount in the style of a mini pump mount, and it works really well for me. I have one on every bike.

In Texas you should just ride with a Colt Peacemaker, it will bring 6 dogs to a definitive quiet without stopping if you are handy with it :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: this is just a stupid joke from good ol’Europe, please don’t give it any credit, I’m not starting a fight on anything here :slight_smile:

“n Texas you should just ride with a Colt Peacemaker, it will bring 6 dogs to a definitive quiet without stopping if you are handy with it :slight_smile:
And if you are especially tired, you can aim it behind you to get a slight boost when climbing the Texas hill country. :open_mouth:

Maybe the best option in that case is a horse instead of a bike, that would really go with Texas and Colts :yum:

I’m a dog owner, and my dog is an idiot. Despite lots of training, he will, when excited, run after anything and jump at it. He thinks he’s trying to play, but I am well aware that lots of people don’t see it that way, which is why he’s always on a lead when he’s out of the house.

However, the one thing that will always, always stop him in his tracks is food.

I’d suggest carrying a few meaty dog treats as a first line of defence, before resorting to pepper spray. I have a friend who twice got attacked by crows on a particular route, and solved the problem by carrying a large pack of seeds. Within 2 rides, the birds loved him and soon let him pass even without the seeds.

And a final legal disclaimer for UK readers: in this country, a pepper spray is classed as a firearm, and carrying one on the street is highly likely to land you a jail sentence (that’s not an exaggeration).

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