Another Cycling Glasses question

Any recommendations for cycling glasses with readers built in. Yes I am a masters and can’t see my bike computer. Thanks


StickTite lenses….use them on whatever glasses you want.

Game changer for me….I can see some of the smaller numbers now on my bike computer.

StickTite Lenses – Stick-on bifocal lens instantly convert sunglasses, goggles, or glasses into magnified, bifocal sunglasses. Patented material technology, reusable lenses (1 pair) 1.25 diopter


I use Tifosi Allianz with a prescription insert. I’ve just got back from a ride wearing them so I took some pics.

Nb you put them on and think ‘these are rubbish’ walking round the house, but on the bike the insert actually works really well. Yes they’re fairly cheap and cheerful but you get 3 lenses and I’ve been very happy with them.

Ignore the dog :grin:

Just came across this: BZ Optics has “normal” bi-focal sunglasses

I think it depends on what you need and are able to spend. Some people need higher order correction on their glasses, then prescription glasses are way better than off the shelf standard bifocal (and more expensive). It’s quite easy to know: when you’re near or far sighted and try of the shelf glasses but still can’t see properly or get headache after some time wearing them, then you’d probably need a higher order correction.

I wear evil eyes with prescription glasses and I think you can get them bifocal or even with transition. I wouldn’t know how good this is, because luckily I’m not there yet :face_with_peeking_eye: but they’re quite good, I like them

I’ve been using the BZ Optics bifocal glasses for a few years. They are a bit like Rudy Project Ryders, but cheaper. They are well made and their transition lenses work well in varying light conditions. So it’s a yes from me.

Thanks for all the recommendations, I will start with the stick on lenses then go from there