Another place?

Given the way things are going, is there another forum where people can loiter in case topics are closed/frozen on here? Could something retro/basic/cheap be set up as a gathering place? It would be a shame to lose this community.

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The TrainerRoad forum is quite active and there are a lot of good quality people there. Nowhere near the drama and schittshow that sites like ST and others are. Definitely recommended.


Velocipede Salon could do with a few more active cyclists.

It used to be the premier hangout for framebuilders and those interested in our wares but that’s gone by the wayside the last few years.

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Haven’t logged in for a few days. What’s happened?

I’m not sure if you are serious. I’ll assume that you are. See here: LAID OFF: Caley Fretz, Dave Rome, Matt de Neef and others axed today - #211 by benger10

The only other cycling place I post is LFGSS. It’s moved beyond fixies but is still quite UK/London centric which suits me but maybe not other posters here.

The classifieds on LFGSS are great, I’ve picked up so much good stuff from there over the years that’s often quite keenly priced. For example I recently got Darimo bars, stem, seatpost and a Selle San Marco Aspide Superleggera saddle in a bundle for £200, all barely used.

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I was serious. That’s rough. I’m relatively new here, so when I saw the headline “laid off”, thought it was related to a bike team.

The only two places I visit are here and Path Less Pedaled Discord. But they have very little overlap with…

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I go to weightweenies and trainerroad dorum for tech. MTBR has race discussions for MTB as well. They are prone to getting a bit( or more) off topic though

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BikeForums and Paceline are worth visiting.

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Weight Weenies is OK for tech, I’ve been there since 2009 or so. There can be a fair bit of ego and often language issues result in stupid arguments, like someone who is not a native English speaker posts and gets shredded by a native English speaker who probably needs to just go for a ride. That’s what I’ve enjoyed about this forum and the Slack group, largely no ego.


Are there any good discord channels for cycling?