Any Cycliq users out there?

Now that Garmin has come out with its own rear-facing camera (with integrated radar, no less), I can’t help but wonder what this means for Cycliq. It seems the writing may be on the wall, but I’d still like to hear from Cycliq users: What would Cycliq have to do to the Fly6 for it to still be an appealing product?

Make it waterproof. And improve their customer service. But honestly, I’d not waste my money on their products again.


Make an actually good product?
I think they will have a hard time changing their reputation. I wouldn’t take a chance on a brand-new product from them.
I think that both Cycliq and Garmin have released very disappointing implementations of ‘good ideas’. I have an original fly12, and it is disappointing in many of the same ways the Garmin is - terrible app and configuration, very heavy, OK video quality, and to top that off it doesn’t reliably record video. I think that a well done rear-light/camera is an appealing product, but I don’t think that the Fly6 is that.
I think the bullet points that Cycliq would need to hit are:

  • reliable recording - it must be recording if it appears to be functioning at all. Silently not recording is a completely unacceptable failure mode.
  • physically robust - there are countless accounts of failures in the field due to moisture ingress. The SD card port on the Garmin looks more robust in this regard.
  • Much better video quality than the Garmin.
  • Same or better battery life than Garmin. Ability to charge while in use.
  • Maintain significantly lower price than Garmin, since it lacks radar.

I think right now all they have is a lower price than Garmin. I think the only thing that may save them is that the Garmin device is also very disappointing.
Given that they are a small company I think it will be very hard to compete - if they could make a significantly better product I would have thought they would have done it by now.
If they actually wanted to ‘innovate’, they should add ant+ to their fly6, and allow it to pair with a garmin Varia so they can also do radar-triggered video, as that would significantly extend their battery life.

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Aside from their myriad of customer service issues and lack of “robustness”, Cycliq failed hard by releasing the Fly6 v3 with inferior specs to the Fly6CE, specifically a smaller battery and less recording time as a result.

What could they do now as a counter to Garmin’s newest offering? I think Roy hit on the the two big key items from an actual product standpoint-- better video quality than Garmin and a much better battery life than Garmin. The same goes for their Fly12 product too.

If things work for you, as they have for me (never had an issue with any of my Cycliq products), then they’re a viable option.

But if things don’t work then Cycliq’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired to the point where people actively avoid their products due to the amount of horror stories about the company. And there has never been any sign of Cycliq actively looking to fix their issues or repair their breach of trust with customers.

Do I think Cycliq can execute a new product(s) with better quality control and vastly improved customer service? No, simply because of the litany of issues everyone seems to have with the company. This appears to be systemic to the company as a whole.

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Yep, I was scared off as a potential buyer by the reports of poor customer service and issues of lacking robustness.

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Ive had two Cycliq products in the past and wouldnt waste my time or money on them again. Very poor reliability and even worse customer service. Over 20 emails and unanswered phone calls to address a simple warrenty issue which ultimately led me to lodge a complaint with Australian Consumer Affairs. Cycliq’s best bet now is to pack up shop!

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This was a major disappointment. And the lack of durability due to rain.
Honestly, the kickstarter Fly6 was the best of all, totally durable and the best battery life of them all.
I’ve had the kickstarter Fly12 and a newer one. Actually had zero issues with the Fly12 and still quite like it.
The app is rubbish, but meh, I hardly ever use it.
If they could get back to 6 hours from the fly6 and actually make it bullet proof, you’d consider it, but I have grave doubts they’ll ever get that sorted.

I’d like to see the performance of the Fly6CE and the current Fly12 be the bare minimum for any new models from Cycliq.

What I’d also like to see is an “endurance edition” of the Fly6 and Fly12 for when you’re doing longer rides.

Why? I keep seeing folks say that these cameras are only for incident recording. But I like the idea of seeing certain rides and having a light for safety/visibility. It’s why for all of their failings, I have continued to purchase Cycliq products.

I’ve had the original Fly12 and the second generation version. I’ve also had the original Fly6, the first iteration of the second generation Fly6 and its successor, the Fly6CE. Unless Cycliq turns the corner here with new and improved products I’m almost guaranteed to be trying the Tooo Cycling DVR 80 someone pointed to in the other Cycliq thread, and an equivalent front-facing unit that eclipses the Fly12, regardless of who makes it.

Until then…

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Whilst the cycliq products have issues (enough said about CS I think) without this from Garmin they are still basically in a field of one, which is why I have not one but two of each the 12 and 6 (original and newer versions). Not read about the Garmin but some competition is sorely needed in this arena I think.

Agree with many of the above posters, actually meeting its claimed water resistance rating would be a good start; my Fly6 Gen 3 suffered moisture damage just recently although CS did replace it pronto since it was still under warranty. Battery life of 4hrs can be improved as well. However I wouldn’t put my money on the new Varia just yet; it’s 1st Gen so will probably have issues, and it is so expensive… it costs more than a Fly6 Gen 3 + 515 put together.

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Have cyqlic, was excited to recieved them. The video needs better stabilization. The battery life is good the lighting is good. The app and desktop is good

The ability to control what the camera and lights from app is a good feature.

Waiting for someone to have gopro quality video.

I have bought two generations of Cycliq products and both work as advertised, but I have found that my cycling has surpassed what the products can do.

The Fly6[v] and Fly6CE are ok, but battery life is too short for me. Cygolite 50 or even the 200 will last 12hrs or more (>24hrs for the Cygolite 50). This makes it a turn on and forget it light for me. I would settle for a >8hr rear ride-camera+light.
Also, the Fly6CE should be waterproof.

The Fly12 and Fly12CE had other issues. The Fly12’s video resolution is not as good as Fly12CE. Run time without lights is 5hrs or so, enough for the beginner cyclists and much better than GoPros, but not enough for endurance cyclists.

Fly12CE can be charged and used simultaneously, but the swing door covering the ports need to be open. Run time is too short for my needs.

My requirement list for front-camera+light:

  • Battery life/ Recording of 10hrs+ at max resolution and frame rate, 1080p and 60fps minimum to clearly see license plates and faces
  • Waterproof

My requirement list for rear-camera+light:

  • Battery life/Recording of 10hrs+ at max resolution and frame rate, 720p and 60fps minimum to clearly see license plates and faces
  • Waterproof.

Since all lights are made with Lithium ion batteries which lose capacity with use, (same with iPhones and Tesla’s), I would like the batteries to be user-replaceable. The battery cells themselves are not that expensive, but the $400 electronics become useless when the batteries cannot store a charge anymore. Plus, the efficiency of using devices that won’t hold a charge is likely not doing wonders for the environment (you put in 10watts of power but 5watts are wasted by the old battery).

Size up the battery storage so that when the battery has lost 30% capacity, the Cycliq runtime is still in the acceptable 8hr+ range.


I’d like them to release the original fly6 I had for years and was totally satisfied with when it died of old age

I bought a replacement gen 3 that was less bright, had less run time, was more expensive and needs a protective silicone cover to be used in the rain…. Which obscures part of the light and broke the FIRST time I used it! Expensive trash.

Short run time leaves me without light or camera on long rides.

It’s a safety device. Forget Bluetooth and system integration, I want it to do nothing but flash, record well enough to read a license plate, and survive. Nobody wants 4K footage from the rear do they? I never downloaded the footage except to confirm it was working and I expect most users are the same.

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My reasoning is if you are doing very long +8hr rides on a regular basis you’d better use a dynamo hub and dynamo powered lights. There are usb charging systems made for dynamo systems, some even integrated to the front light. I’d skip the cycliq kind of stuff and plug a regular action camera instead. Mine is a cheap gopro clone and can record in a dashcam mode to never run out of memory[1] while being charged to usb. Note: charging usually only work at a decent speed, usually upwards of 15kph so if you are doing mountain bike, it won’t charge on long draggy offroad climbs.

[1] you need to be aware to check the sdcard regularly