Any news on Caleb Ewan?

Lotto Soudal’s team apparently had a big crash during Bemer Cyclassics involving Caleb Ewan, cannot seem to find any article here. Does anybody has any details?

Can you elaborate?

Hmm. Relative to other sprinters not named Bouhanni, how much worse is Caleb, really?


You know you’ve really made it as a World Tour sprinter when random dudes on the internets who have likely never raced above a Cat 5 level call you a dangerous bike handler.


You know you have a point when someone fantasize about your history and resort to personal attacks.

By the way back when I was racing at the highest amateur levels in the late 90’s, even cat2 racers would have chance to enter races alongside what we now know as worldtour level teams. At least in Belgium and France. There were just not that many races in the calendar. They were minor races for them, but they were still races.

Just look at the damn so many times Ewan crashes and hurt himself. And more importantly compared to other spri ters, look how many times he crashes on his own being the sole culprit.

Nick Clark?


He really has crashed an awful lot this season. Can anyone be objective and explain why he’s going down at a far higher rate than his other fellow sprinters?

With respect, I wouldn’t be calling out people for personal attacks after suggesting someone was ‘a crash test dummy’ and ‘[wi]ll soon end up a vegetable’. Not v classy.


I haven’t paid enough attention to agree he’s gone down more or less than other sprinters but just look at some of the photos if you search “Caleb Ewan sprint position.” Being so far forward and having his chin below the handlebar can’t leave much, if any, room for error.

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Don’t the older school sprint train dependent guys tend to crash a lot more than surfers? Recall guys like Kittel, Cavendish, and even Gaviria crashing a ton back when that style was more prominent. Always thought it was due to the speeds and the body positioning they used. Those riders are pure senders though, different mindset than us mortals genuinely believe they have zero fear at all of hitting the deck at 70kph.

Well if it was Durianrider on here he would blame his disc brakes. :wink:


You know you have a point when someone fantasize about your history and resort to personal attacks.

No, that’s a good indicator you sound like an angry keyboard warrior. Nobody’s calling out your opinion, really, just your tone and he way you’re expressing yourself.



Thanks for the lesson.

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That can definitely be one reason. Another one (at least for me) could be that he is so small. He can be shoved out the way so easily and doesn’t stand a chance against almost any big rider (especially the lead out men) when fighting for positions.

One of his crashes was from hitting a hay bale dragged onto the road by a motorbike. I mean, I would have just bunnyhopped it, but that one is at least partly not his fault.


I disagree with that. Caleb appears to me to absolutely hold his own when fighting for position. Have a low, compact center of gravity can be an asset when bumping.


I would have pulled a sick tailwhip, myself.

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