Any thoughts about adding an Exchange category?

I’m sure you’ve thought about it, but I have a few high-end bike parts I will be selling soon, and I like the class of people on this forum. Any chance we could get an Exchange category that would be appropriate for posting items for sale, trade, or items for which people are searching?

I can understand why you wouldn’t want to turn over that particular rock because of the potential slimy things crawling beneath it, but it might be a great benefit to your members.



The problem with this is that I’ll buy a whole bunch of stuff I definitely don’t need. Can see it being a time/real estate suck so maybe would be good to have a subthread or a way to filter out listings.


There ought to be a giant pile of bars, stems, pedals and saddles somewhere in the middle of North America (and your own continent) where we could just go leave the ones we don’t like and pick up new ones to try.


A saddle library? Maybe then I could find the perfect one?


Any mods want to jump in here? Is it okay to list items I want to sell?

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Hey @doug, unfortunately without a proper platform set up we can’t do anything in terms of buyer/seller protection etc. so at this stage it’s not something we could support. Couldn’t agree more that there is trust in this community though!