Anyone around 172cm (5'7.5"ft) tall using 165mm cranks?

Just saw this post now. I’m 173 cm and run 165mm cranks. It makes a huge difference for me. Eases my hip angle and reduced knee discomfort, as my hip impingement was forcing my knees wide. The biggest thing I noticed was going back to 175mm cranks and how weird it made my hips feel.

I definitely don’t think you’ll regret it if you switch. That said, I have very short legs, so perhaps the difference was more noticeable for me.

Try ZRace cranks from Aliexpress, if it’s a road bike. They’re super nice, and you can get a set for less than $100 in 165mm.

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I’m 170cm and am tempted to try this: Deckas MC-012 MTB Bike 170/165mm Crankset Deckas 3/6mm 30/32/34/36T With BSA BB | eBay

Shimano axel so should just drop in, just gotta work out the offset for rings. Would be a swap for 175mm XT from 2016.

I just ordered a pair of 160mm cranks for the TT bike - Shimano 105 at a discount so rather cheap to try as an experiment and a bit of weight over Ultegra/DA just doesn’t matter. Will see how I get on; the stock 172.5mm just feels a touch big.

Will see how I get on with 160mm at 179cm tall.

I am another 165mm convert on my cx and road bike. My bike fitter recommended them and it felt weird for a week or so at first but now I love it.

I’m 172cm.

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I’ll add in my experience as well. I am 178cm in height and following a bike fit over 4 years ago I took the fitters reccomendation to change to 165mm cranks and have never gone back. I have 165mm on both road bikes but left my MTB alone.

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