Anyone have experience with FOSS TPE tubes?

Anyone have any first-hand experience with the FOSS TPE tubes? They’re supposed to be almost self-sealing and are patchable. I’m converting to tubeless, but I thought having one of these in my saddle bag might be some good insurance… lighter and taking up less space than a regular tube.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You got that email from Bike Tires Direct as well? I was curious about these as well, commenting to follow. Miss the old Forte ultralight tubes from Performance, those were fantastic tubes for the seat bag since they’d pack down so slim.

Yep! Didn’t pull the trigger for the 33% off, but I’m still interested in people’s experience with them.

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Can’t say about the FOSS ones but you might also be interested by the Tubolito ones. It saved me once as a spare tube to fix a tubeless tire unrepearable on the road with a plug + sealant. I kept riding it for 1 week until I patched the tire.

They are so light and fold so tiny that I bought one for any size I use and keep using them as spares regardless of the rarity of flats I get with tubeless. Even when used once every n years it is worth not having to call anyone, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve used the revo tube version. Not entirely convinced with claims of greater puncture resistance. Had a heap of small penetration punctures since installing - checked tyres etc. They patch up fine. One thing I’ve found is that they do go down quite slowly