Are TT's dying?

I really like Time trials and team time trials. I like to watch them and I like to race them. I love the tech, I love the preparation, I love the pure effort it takes to win and the race against yourself if you have done that course before.
Next year’s Tour de France has the shortest amount of TT km in a very long time. The Vuelta’s team time trial seems like a rare treat these days.
I went window shopping for a my dream TT bike but (at least in Australia) unfortunately it’s really hard to find one with most of them marketed as triathlon bike and don’t say if they are UCI legal. I don’t want to drop a very lot of cash only to rock up at the start line of the open state champs only to be denied entry because the bike doesn’t fit into UCI specs.

So are TT’s dying?
Why is it so hard to get a nice TT Bike?
Should the UCI move the bike specs even closer to the tri scene to homogenise the 2 bike types?
Should they bring back the trade team TTT at the world champs along side the mixed relay?

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I would love to see long TT’s back in the TDF but I personally think the trade team TT’s were a terrible idea.

Maybe they need to restore the Grand Prix de la Libération for trade team TT’s rather than World Championship events.

I like team TT and wish they were at worlds and mandatory at every GT. Maybe to be fairer, they could be ridden on standard bikes.

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What happened to the Hammer Series?

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BMC is still out there fixing punctures a few years later.

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My main problem with ITT’s in a grand tour is that only the TT specialists and GC contenders are really trying. Most of the riders are just trying not to get timed out. Makes for pretty boring viewing for most of the stage, at least a TTT is over quicker.

Longer TT’s just make me think of the Big Mig years of the TDF and IMO that was even more boring then the Sky train.

Team TT’s as a prologue are IMO a nice way of introducing the teams and riders for that year’s GT. Just don’t make them ride across a beach as they did a few years ago in the Vuelta. Not such a fan of a longer one though.


Love doing TTs but they’re not exactly the most fun thing to watch on TV. Would be a lot cooler if they did them on road bikes as it would do a better job at conveying how insanely strong these guys are in comparison to us. Amateur TTs have all but died with the rest of road racing where I live (maybe 2-3
a year in my state)


I’d like to see a Grand Tour wherein a rider only gets one type of bike for the whole race. No aero bike, climbing bike, and TT bike. Choose only one.


They could be exciting if the order out the gate was changed based on TT rankings rather than GC placings. so the rider in the hot seat could change more often.

Im lucky my local club has a TT every 6 weeks or so. My problem is finding a TT legal bike.


I don’t know watching a stopwatch, a guy riding alone, and then another man sitting nervously in a chair like he has to go to the bathroom really bad isn’t exactly riveting television for me. I’ve been to a couple of WT TTs as a fan and they’re certainly great in person since you can camp out in a spot and watch the riders steadily fly by at ludicrous speeds.

Maybe if they did a sudden elimination F1 style three round TT with a bunch of short varied sections on one day that would be pretty fun to watch on TV.

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