#askanerd Tech Mailbag. Ultegra Chain won’t wear out

Hi,thanks for the advice to date.

I put on a new Ultegra 11 speed chain about 11,500 kms ago. According to my ParkTool chain checker, it’s still only around .55 worn! It measured around .1 when new. (The chain checker doesn’t seem faulty, and suggests new chains would start at between .25 and .5)

I’m gentle on my gear and keep the chain clean and lubed. I usually get around 11,000 k from my chains.

I’m happy to keep going with the chain, but the chain rings are now 40,000 k old, and the cassette20,000k old. I’m now (very) occasionally getting a sloppy chain ring shift.

Any thoughts on the risks of keeping going till shifting deteriorates more? Was the chain possibly faulty?

(Dura Ace 9150, so 2 x 11, with 11/30 ultegra cassette and 50/34 chain rings)


Tim Cartwright

Have you used a different chain checker to corroborate the reading?

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