Badges and trust levels


When checking my profile, I’ve seen that I’ve been granted the Leader badge, which means that I can “edit all posts, take common topic moderator actions such as pin, close, unlist, archive, split, and merge”

And basically every member currently has this badge : Leader badge on CT Community

Obviously it doesn’t seems like a good idea to give everyone the right to edit posts of everyone and same goes for moderator actions ? Furthermore if those are not explained to users because like someone said

With great power comes great responsibility

Are we in a semi-beta and admins intend to clean everything after a few weeks of playing with everything at a bigger scale ?

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An excellent pick up! Whilst we trust you with those powers … it makes sense to dial that one back a little!

[Confirming that someone else can edit this post of Andy’s, we all have god rights but there is an audit trail which is good]


Just confirming I see the same on my profile. I even have the option to add the title to my name.

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I feel drunk with power right now :joy:

[& you didn’t edit @Andy_van_Bergen(or @Andy_van_Bergen1 (or… wait how many Andy vB are on here!!!))’s post - you’ve changed Richard!!!


I’d rather have Lanterne Rouge as title to my name :upside_down_face:


Thanks all for spotting this for us. We’ll have a fix in shortly!

An invite to my garage and I have no such power.

I could say I’m devastated but really don’t want any extra responsibility that I already shirk.

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Haha - sorry, even with that lovely invite (which I have every intention of taking up post-lockdown) I had to draw the line at those liberties!

So I have to provide food and drinks at the viewing. I will but that is to ensure you give me absolutely no responsibility. I don’t want it!

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