BBinfinite: A worthwhile place to build a bike from?

Has anyone used BBinfinite? In particular for a Cervelo. Looking for a solid foundation to build my new Caledonia-5 on. I’m not wowed by many of the alternatives. Honestly Token’s Ninja BB seems to come close for me. My only hesitation with the BBinfinite is the difficult removal of the 1 pc design, and whether pushing a 1 pc in will deform my shell at all so that future bb installs won’t be sound. The Token has FRP material on the mating surfaces with the BB shell–I like to idea of like materials on mating surfaces.

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BBInfinite single piece bottom brackets work exceptionally well. I’ve installed them in several bikes and never seen any issues with them.


I installed a press-fit one-piece with steel bearings on my P3 last year, and am amazed at how freely the cranks turn every time I clip in.

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I have them on all of my bikes. They work great!

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All of my bikes have pricey ceramic BB’s from one company or another and one-piece BBInfinite setups with steel bearings spin damn near as well as any of them, it really is amazing… and a pretty significant indication of how out of alignment pretty much all frames are.


I have a hambini. Same idea. You can almost certainly a) rebuild the bearings every ~6 months and b) replace the bearings in-place eventually

Bike is much stiffer, and the BB spins like crazy. Highly recommend.


Thanks for the feedback! BBInfinite it is!

I’ll use the Cervelo as my test run, and if my BB86 bike gives me any trouble, then I’ll probably switch to BBInfinite as well (Assuming the Cervelo “test” goes well).


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Yeah, I been thinking of trying a BBinfinite for a while. This feedback is helpful!