Best handlebar for Cervelo Aspero?

Recently bought a new Aspero and was looking to make it feel more like the Aspero-5 which Dave mentioned is more comfortable through components. The new frame already comes with a carbon seatpost so looking at the handlebars for some more comfort. Currently running an all Zipp SC Ergo, considering the carbon version but was seeing if anyone had any other suggestions. I have the Zipp SL 70 Aero on my CAAD13 which i do like as well.


If tires and tire pressure cannot provide you enough comfort, you can try out a RedShift ShockStop suspension stem or go to a comfortable(!) carbon handle bar. Or both. (Yes, even with a Shockstop, a carbon bar can make a difference.)

Regarding the handle bar itself, if I were you, I would first and foremost look for bars that suits me (width, reach, drop, drop shape & flare, cable routing…), and then try to figure out which of the remaining candidates is the most comfortable.

Thanks Jack!

Yeah, I’m just looking for something to take some of the vibrations out which is why I was thinking of the carbon zipp bars with out to much flare. Have had a pair of zipp xplr handlebars and don’t like that amount of flare.

Redshift works great! Now have the stem on my R3 and Aspero…

I’m running the same bar on my Aspero and am quite happy with it. With a good HB tape and proper PSI, I doubt you’ll see any advantage in swapping to a carbon bar.

I’m with Henri. Good quality padded bartape will make as much, if not more difference than handlebar material and will be much cheaper and less effort.

I really like the Pro Discover bars on my bike and find them really comfortable but I’m using the cheaper alloy ones. I didn’t fancy attaching bags and stuff onto carbon bars plus the increased risk of crashing off road.

What I found was that with all handle bar tape & padding being equal, and also width & reach of the handle bars being equal, a comfortable(!) carbon bar was noticeably better for damping

  • small vibrations
  • the initial shock of larger impacts

As “carbon” is a composite material which CAN have a different composition throughout a component (different type of carbon, different layup and different resin percentage), resonance is different. Hence the different reaction to small vibrations.
And carbon CAN be designed to have a lower flex/compliance threshold than alloy. Cfr. flex chainstays.

I built myself a custom Aspero late last year. I’ve been happy with my parts and comfortable on every ride, but haven’t put it through anything too extreme yet. For what it’s worth here’s my setup in regards to what would lend to comfort on the bike.
Whisky Spano handlebars, Zipp Service Course Stem, Supacaz tape, Zipp 303S wheels, Maxxis Rambler 40mm tubeless tires w/ Cush Core, Cervelo SP19 carbon seat post, Fizik Antares Open R1 saddle, Sram Rival AXS Shifters.
If I needed more comfort out of it at this point I would likely try lower tire pressures and then padding/ double wrapping tape before any additional investments.

Whisky makes some wonderful components. Would have loved to buy a fork from them, and the handle bar was also on my wish list. Unfortunately, in Europe, it seems you can only get them in the UK (Brexit: non-EU) and Switzerland (non-EU).

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I’ve been very happy with the current setup not uncomfortable by any means. Think I’m going to stick to the setup for now.