Best Inner City Loops

Living in Edinburgh, and regularly riding laps of the extinct volcano (Arthur’s Seat), got me wondering what other inner city loops there are and how those compare. I’ve ridden Reagents and Richmond parks, but personally none of them compare to Arthur’s Seat and its one of my favourite things about living in Edinburgh (bias as I am born and raised).

I’ve done over 500 laps, its bang in the centre of Town, about 10 minutes ride from my flat (which isnt particularly central). Its about a 3-5 minute, 1.4km (Arthur's Seat Climb | Strava Ride Segment in Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom) climb (based on effort/fitness) with a flat section round the top and a descent back to the base of Holyrood park to make a 5.25km loop (Arthur's Seat - lap from gate | Strava Ride Segment in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom). Great for short efforts, or social spins, regularly meeting up for a few laps before work early morning in the summer followed by a coffee (project coffee at brunstfield if anyone visits is the best) or a quick hour after work if short for time can get a good workout in. Should also add its closed to cars for 3/4 of the loop and completely car free at weekends.

Hoping maybe others could share their regular short inner city loops and might be useful for anyone visiting different cities around the world, interested to see how Arthur’s Seat stacks up against others!

New York City’s Central Park. The loop in Central Park is approx 7mi/11km. A good mix of flat sections, hairpin turns, a couple rollers, and one fairly steep climb (locals call it Harlem Hill). The downside? Traffic. After about 7-7:30AM it is packed with cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians. One needs to start very early indeed to get some good laps in before the traffic picks up. Relatively car-free, though.


The gravel Richmond Park loop is much better than the tarmac one.

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Also Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Half the length of Central Park at 3 miles but generally less crowded.

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Doing a loop around Lake Merritt in Oakland CA is always a fun one here’s the segment

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Never had chance to try that. I was staying in wandsworth so the distance to get to richmond put me off a bit but thats relative. Its such a shame its open for cars, it be amazing if it wasnt

Would be interested in an inner London loop if someone has a good route, thank you

I honestly think there isn’t one apart from Regents Park. Too many busy roads and traffic lights to make anything worthwhile even early in the morning.

Go out a bit further and there’s things such as ascents of Crystal Palace hill which you can make a loop of.

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Just west of Paris: Longchamp (regular lap) | Strava Ride Segment in Suresnes, Île-de-France, France

Looks good. Closed to traffic also?

Yes, there is traffic on the left on part of the ring, so you always need to be careful.

But it clearly is a luxury in a city so adverse to bike riding as Paris: no traffic light, no sharp turn, not so many events at the hippodrome in the middle. You can go for a quick spin on week days, ride outside safely in the dark in autumn and winter, and you can always find a pack if you don’t want to ride in circles on your own.

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