Best location for satellite shifters on the tops?

Hey all, I am looking for recommendations or pros/cons of different satellite shifter locations for use while on the tops. So what are your preferred locations to mount the satellite shifters?

Two locations that seem best to me:

  1. back of the bars, facing the rider, next to the stem–easy thumb access, maybe less in the wind, but requires my thumb to be wrapped around the bars. I often ride with my thumbs forward alongside my index fingers as I find it more comfortable to keep my hands and arms relaxed.

  2. underside of the bars, near the front, right and the end of the bar tape–easy index finger access regardless of thumb position, probably marginally less ‘aero’. It’s difficult to find a position on my semi-aero tops that is out of the way if I need to fully grip the tops without risk of accidental actuation.

I ride a similar loose over the top grip and this is close to how I choose to mount my remote shifters… they’re rotated just a bit downward from being all the way rear facing. Looking at the bar from the side, if all the way rearward is 9 o’clock, mine are sitting at about 7:30-8:00. They’re far enough back that I’m not gripping them with my fingers if I’m gripping the bar but far enough forward that I don’t feel them under my palms when my hands are atop the bars. They’re close enough that I can easily wrap my thumbs and click them when I need to but out of the way the rest of the time.

One thing I did that was helpful in deciding where I wanted them (I’d initially thought I wanted them on the underside of the bar to actuate with my index fingers) was securing a little nut about the size of the SW9150 button to my bar with electrical tape to see how it would feel. Pretty quickly realized I didn’t like having them where I thought I wanted them and that rotating them back made more sense for me.

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There are good points.

I run my buttons behind the bar because my handlebar bag prevents having the buttons on the leading edge, and the cables- which are turned down to also clear the handlebar bag- prevent a lower leading edge position unless it gets to be on the bottom of the bar, which then would be too hard to reach.

Eta: If my hands are on the tops, that means I’m relatively stable, so the amount of time to reach the buttons shouldn’t be a consideration.

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