Best pro rider podcasts?

Which are the best pro rider podcasts, in the opinion of CT readers? I need a new listen.

Mitch Docker and Life In The Peloton has always been good, his interview with Hayman post-Roubaix was as good as it gets for that type of insight, but I’ve never really found another rider’s podcast that I loved.

Geraint Thomas has some huge names on, although he’s so laid back it’s a bit directionless at times and he misses obvious follow up questions (understandable since he’s not a journalist). The interviewee audio quality is often poor too. He comes across well though.

I listened to Armstrong a few years ago out of curiosity but found a lot of his tactical insights pretty basic, suspect he dumbs down for a more general audience. And when he tells an anecdote it’s difficult to put much faith in his version of events. Need a wash after listening to him.

Any other good ones out there? Doesn’t have to be the biggest names. Just pro riders with good discussions and decent audio quality.

Any recommendations?

I love the Slow Ride Podcast because it’s a bike racing enthusiast pod. All of their opinion are irrational and they spend a lot of time mocking a lot of other cycling media.

Criterium Nation and Cyclocross Radio are really good too in terms of honest cycling content. The Slow Ride pod is more meta where the others are actually really serious cycling content.


Geraint Thomas’ podcast is uneven, but I loved it during the TDF when he and Luke Rowe would talk after a stage. Really fun to hear them talk about other riders, tactics, what it was like in the peloton, etc.


It’s worth mentioning the Social Distancing podcast, they are all pros but it’s more like a frat house recording than a journalistic podcast. I can have some interesting points at times but is always amusing


Thanks all! I will check them out.

The Adventure Stache with Payson McElveen is really good, but obviously geared towards MTB / Gravel.


Docker’s “Life in the Peloton” is the best “rider” podcast I’ve listened to. I’ve tried Geraint Thomas’ podcast and agree it often sounds like two mates chatting on and is, dare I say it, boring. My favorite is The Cycling Podcast and their related shows (TCP Feminin, Service Course, Explore) Friends of the Podcast special episodes. Great overall content that strikes a good balance between the riding and the culture that is cycling.


Going to self-plug here, I co-host a relatively new podcast called Cycling Fashion Week. While we are an aesthetically minded show, we’ve had former pro David Millar on the show and have an episode with Matt Stephens dropping next week.

We’re trying to approach cycling shows from a non-racing oriented perspective, so keep that in mind, but we are trying to get more former and current pros on in the near future.


Going to give you suave humans an enormous +1.

‘Never Strays Far’ hosted by David Miller & Ned Boulting is incredible. Also, Cyclist Magazine Podcast have some excellent interviews.


Geraint Thomas’ pod is always really good while he’s racing.

Nathan Haas has a good gravel pod (The Gravelog).

I enjoy Never Strays Far on occasion and now I’m going to check out Cycling Fashion Week :slight_smile:


I like the banter on Never Strays Far in the midst of talking about cycling, but when they’re doing it outside of a race, it can be only banter.


Bobby Julich and Jens Voigt have the uninspiring named “Bobby and Jens” podcast. They mostly interview current and former pros, and others within pro cycling. But they’ve stepped out cycling too interviewing the likes of Tony Hawk and Brett Favre.
Bobby leads it mostly with Jens interjecting periodically.

They do a decent job. I find it sort of depends on the guest and how good their English is.

The Social Distance Podcast with Sam Bewley, George Bennett and Dan Jones is good if you after a bit of a laugh.

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Loving your work in this podcast. Discovered it a few months ago.

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Thank you!

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I’ve been listening to Cycling Fashion week because of this thread. I enjoy it, although I break so many of y’all’s rules you would probably refuse to allow me to join your group ride. I wear fluoro socks no matter the kit because they work almost like a flashing light for drivers (thus I don’t have the white or black socks decision)–same for gloves–I also like my gloves to have fluoro yellow somewhere so they show up better when I use hand signals for turns. I’m willing to give up fashion for safety.

I do have one question about your kit rankings. Someone on the podcast (I haven’t listened long enough to know your voices by heart yet) ranked Albion as best kit supplier. They are pretty much all monoblock kits. What, fashion-wise, sets them apart from the other hot monoblock kits? I think I’m missing something.

BTW, my son lives in Montreal, and we rode along the canal on Bixi bikes a couple of weeks ago.

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they’re ugly:

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Meh…most of my kits now have some neon yellow in them, so I’d rock those gloves!


I hope that over a few listens that it becomes evident our tone is a little on the sarcastic side. A reviewer said we “straddle the line between elitism and satire” and I think that’s apt. While we espouse a lot of “rules” you might not catch us following them all in real life. As someone pushing 40 myself, I totally understand the desire to be seen with flouro gloves.

I think Tony and I rated Albion pretty highly. To be honest, for us, we like Albion because we discovered them a few years ago during peak PNS kit wearing and they seemed like a great alternative to mono/block coloured kits that weren’t plastered in large logos. Then once we tried the products we really liked the fit and quality. I personally also really like their unique products like the burner and the packable backpack (don’t tell other listeners but I bikepack sometimes). I also have a down jacket from them that has little holes in the hood for helmet straps. Little touches like that I find to be thoughtful and useful. And I be lying if I said part of the appeal wasn’t wearing a kit brand that not everyone has seen on the road.

I hope you threw something into the canal as you rode by.