Bike Exchange women's team folding?

Has CT looked into this? Doesn’t look good. They have few riders left on their roster.


It looks pretty grim. Lost all their bankable riders, didn’t land Gigante (or anyone else).
There’s some talk that if Premier Tech comes on-board, there might be some US riders to be had, but, gosh I don’t know where they are coming from or when that happening.


I wonder if Spratt is retiring too. She hasn’t looked herself this year and she recently got married.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Something’s going on. Too many jumping ship.

It’s over.

Three riders.

What other conclusion can there be.

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I’m wondering if it has something to do with Giant bikes becoming the supplier of the team because they already have the Liv girls team

I thought it was Bianchi or is that changing?

Said to be Giant from next year. Yet to be confirmed officially.

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It’s our understanding that the team isn’t folding. We know of multiple signings that indicate that they’re sticking around for at least one more year. I’ve asked one of our journalists to look more into this to substantiate.


good news. it would be a shame if they stopped. I’ll cease spreading scurrilous rumours now


Premier Tech negotiations end, and Gerry will go alone.
So those Premier Tech aligned riders wont be coming on board for either mens or womens teams.

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I don’t know the facts, but I get a sense Gerry has a sense of ownership that is inhibiting bringing major sponsors on board who expect to have say over things Gerry isn’t willing to relinquish.

The reporting on the Premier Tech discussions was they only wanted to put in 5 million euro (presumably per year) and wanted 50% ownership. I would have thought 5 million is barely enough to get naming rights much less ownership, isn’t a mid-level team’s budget more like 20 million?


Does seem a bit light on for an 50% ownership stake.
In anycase I don’t think Gerry wants sell equity stakes in the team, he just wants a sponsor to help pay some of the bills.

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in Gerry’s defence, he’s been quite willing to bankroll the team (so far) and seems prepared to send prospective sponsors packing who try to nickel and dime him


Interesting. Gerry almost sold the team to the Manuela Fundación for 7 million euro, but wouldn’t sell a 50% stake for 5 million.

Assuming he doesn’t need it to eat, it doesn’t seem that weird. Bringing on a 50% partner who has opinions and stuff is a big undertaking for someone who is involved and has opinions of their own

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Marriage = retirement? It’s not 1950.

Given the Aus border closures I’m sure Jayco (caravans) is making him quite a bit of money this year (in Aus at least) as everyone holidays at home

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sorry I’m from Queensland