Bike maker that also offers custom geo (at a set price)

Also, my Donhou will have been about 4.5 months (assuming it lands end of this week as expected). I obviously haven’t ridden the bike yet, so watch this space, but Tom has been great to work with. Nothing has been too much trouble and it’s been a good mix of him listening to what I’ve wanted but him using his experience and expertise to interpret that.

I think any custom frame is going to take a long time, but these days one must wait a few weeks for even some factory frames. And if you are getting exactly what you want, it’s worth the wait. I have some custom frames I’ve waited two years for. Others - some full custom and some standard size with some minor tweaks - I have waited as little as 3-4 months. My carbon Calfee frames have taken between 3-6 months - standard size with a head-tube extension. I am currently awaiting a Rob English build, and I expect to wait about 36 months (30 more to go!). I recently waited about 12 weeks for a Bearclaw Thunderhawk, which only come in standard sizes. So any boutique or small-builder frame is going to likely take some time.

Good luck!

i know haley cycles offers free custom geo and custom paint for their bikes. They only do Ti to my knowledge, but worth an email if they can do other materials.

I had asked them some questions a while back and they were also fairly responsive so worth a shot.

Zukas Pricing and Terms makes some of the sexiest seatstays around and one of the best headtube badges ever.

Dean is welding up Haley’s frames, so I imagine Haley’s lead time is constrained by how busy Dean is.

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I’m currently riding a full custom geometry Officine Mattio SL. The SL is all carbon with full integration. They offer other models in other materials like steel or alloy.

Definitely not cheap, but when I bought mine I figured if I’m going to pay top dollar and I’m going to have to wait a few months, it might as well be for something really special.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Thanks very much for the tips, insights and queries,

Just to close the loop on this one, just figured i’d mention that i have my eye on a tommasini prp2 frameset (aluminium racer). Likely purchase in August. The bikes are gorgeous and look well made (understatement :grinning:). And replies to queries were prompt. Some other makers were also quite impressive and responsive.