Bike Pump Gauge Accuracy

A Zefal floor pump banner advert just popped up on CT claiming+/-1% accuracy (Zefal Profil Max FP65). This is a surprise because almost every floor pump, except for Silca, has a gauge that comes from the same OEM supplier in China that would be lucky to be accurate within 10%. Dave Rome is my source for this IIRC.

I don’t care about this on the roadie, but it matters big time on the MTB and CX because pressures are much more relevant, where I use a Fumpa electric pump which balances super accuracy with a super annoying sound.

Anyone tested the Zefal?

I have not used the Zefal or seen a review. 1% is pretty impressive though, assuming it’s true, but it raises a question:

So long as you use the same pump, does that level of accuracy even matter? I’d think consistency is what you want, as the number itself is sort of irrelevant. Just find an indicated PSI that works with a particular pump and tire/condition/whatever and stick with it. Or be lazy like me and use your thumb. Keeps things interesting.


Buy a digital pressure gauge and don’t worry about what the pump measures.


This ^^^ 100%.

The Topeak Smartgauge was one of the best cycling products I’ve ever purchased. Once you figure out what the variance is between your pump and an accurate gauge, the gauge on the pump being accurate becomes irrelevant. I know that 80psi on my pump is 76 actual psi so I can just pump and go and periodically check to ensure there’s not been any drift.

I bought one of these after the CT review too. It’s great, but man is it loud. Also, it gets HOT. Like, “have to give it time to cool down between bikes” hot.

I’m sure it’s just because I suck at applying/removing the pump/gauge head the same way every time, but I find a separate gauge to just make me less confident I have an accurate reading because I lose air when applying/removing it, and never the exact same amount. This is true of a pump too, but it’s one less inaccuracy when only using one attachment. Like I said though, it’s probably just me.

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I bought the specialized mtb floor pump. The pressure guage only goes to 40 and is big enough to read. I took in my toe peak pressure Guage and it was within 0.5psi. I am happy with that level of accuracy. It also has a pressure release button in the handle. Seems like a well thought out piece of kit and has good long term reviews.

I agree with you for road. But for MTB it’s a different story. I run 17psi in the front for wet XC races and have experimented with increments of 1psi with a noticeable difference in cornering grip. Same with CX.