Bike washing tips

I am not sure that there are too many to share but perhaps I will learn something new so thought it would be worthwhile to make a topic here. I have never really found it a chore and it gives you a good opportunity to give the bike a good check over.

Since I started waxing my chains the time I spend on bike washing has tumbled. As far as tips go, that probably doesn’t count.

I guess my only secret tip is when it comes to drying. A good cloth works ok but doesn’t really get into every spot. For me, the best solution is the leaf blower :wind_face: I start at the saddle and work top to bottom. It gets the frame dry in a flash and awkward components too.

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i’ll never buy a devil stick/leafblower but I just take the bike for quick ride to air dry it.

As for cleaning, I’m in the same camp. Waxing has dramatically reduced the number of cleans the bike goes through. But I’ve got a solid routine of hose, soft brush with mild detergent and water, wash hard to reach places with toothbrushrinse, dry with microfibre, ride for 10 minutes to air dry.

Check out Chris Horner’s (“Butterfly Effect”, “Chris Horner’s Corner”, former pro racer) for a fun video on washing bikes (he suggests using Simple Green as the cleanser (mixed with water), which actually works quite well).

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+1 on Horner.

Road bikes mostly get a good go over with a wet rag (if they’re mostly clean) or a soapy rag and a bit of a quick rinse and a wipe-down after. Actually going outside and washing them isn’t something I really do.

Steel bits (chain and cogs) get sprayed with metho after degreasing, flashes off quickly. For instant drying, follow the metho with ethyl acetate.

Everything else is waterproof so I see no need to dry it.

Yeah, I agree–these are bikes–toys and tools made to be used in the out of doors–I might wipe them off a bit, but blow drying?! No way.

Different question for CX bikes maybe but the side walls of a tire like a Challenge Limus or similar definitely does need drying after being wet. Although I never quite got round to trying a hairdryer on it…