Bikepacking tent

I’m looking for a bikepacking tent that’s big enough for myself and the bike (with the front wheel removed). Any recommendations? Freaks me out leaving the bike outside and can’t sleep :rofl:

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We used the Vango Scaffel 300+ for our recent bikepacking trip and highly recommend it. It is a bit heavier than some of the super lightweight options but it has a great little vestibule area which would fit your bill for somewhere to have the bike at night time. This is a 3 person tent (which means it is perfect for 2 people!) but I think there is a 2 person variant which may be better suited for you?


Thanks for the reply! I’ll check them out :+1:t2:

You might want to take a look at Tarptent options. Tents - Tarptent


Yep Tarptents are amazing, highly recommended. Also check out Hyperlight Mountain Gear’s Ultramid 2 if your looking for something lightweight that can keep your bike out of the elements, just brace yourself for the cost. Shelters + Ultralight Tents Most of their kit has been designed for climbers so here is a post here that list the kit you would need for bike packing Kitfit


I’m considering trying one of these (the cheap one):


Being tall (and thus having a tall bike) I couldn’t find something I’m happy with, so I’m building my own, a relative to the Mountain Laurel Designs Cricket Tarp. For a normal sized person, a few different pyramidal tents would do, including the Ultamid, but cheaper ones are out there. Another option is to make the bike critical to the shelter, by using it like a trekking pole to support things. That way, if the bike is touched, you know.

Tarptents Stratospire advertises that a bike can fit, and isn’t too expensive (you don’t need dyneema as a bikepacker, it’s only marginally lighter and doesn’t pack as well as silpoly anyway).

The Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid may work well for you, just be sure to price in the Inner if you need bug protection too. And their Supermid is a polyester and much cheaper version of the Ultamid. The Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus may work for you too, as would the Black Diamond megalight.

With all of the above, be sure to measure your bike and draw or mock up (maybe with string) the shape of the tent to ensure it’ll fit. Bikes are bigger than they seem when you try to put them in a tent, either standing up or lying down so definitely mock up first. That’s the process that led me to making my own (currently in process) because a 61cm frame with aero bars just doesn’t fit in any standard, non-giant tent I can find. I’m making one where the bike tucks about halfway in, with some extra fabric for rain protection and supported by a central pole.

Oh! For poles, check out Rota Locura. They make great, collapsible ones for this very purpose.

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I’m not a giant fortunately! Thanks for the detailed reply, I’ll have a look :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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