Bikes modified (or not) for 'everesting'

For me, everesting was also ‘about the bike’ as I love modifying stock bikes.

I chose the lightest frame I had – a carbon road frame.

Drive train / transmission: really, really, low gears: 11-46T, 11 speed cassette (Shimano XT).

This meant using an 11 speed mtb shifter (Shimano XT) and a rear mech (Shimano XTR) that would clear the 46T cog that I used once the legs turned to jelly (fairly soon in the procedings).

Power (the term is loosely used) was transmitted via an mtb crank (Shimano XT) with a 32T single chainring. As the crank was designed to fit mountain bike bottom brackets (and I was using it on a road bike), I had to use a headset spacer (Aerozine) as a shim to get it to work.

Other mods include: a flat bar (Ritchey WCS), flat bar brake levers (Shimano Tiagra) that were compatible with rim (gasp) brakes (Shimano Ultegra), ‘anatomic’ rubber grips (Bontrager) and (horror) bar ends as well as a 150mm stem (Ritchey WCS). The saddle (Fabric Scoop) was ‘the wrong size’ according to the measurements of my ischial tuberosities (@$$ bones), but it suited my bum (critical in a 24 hour plus ride).

Wheels: reasonably light clinchers (Shimano Ultegra) shod with 25C puncture-resistant tyres (Continental Gatorskins) and contrary to popular trends, the tyres were inflated to an eyeball-rattling 120 psi.

Pedals: ControlTech ‘flatforms’ - broad mtb pedals with plastic toeclips and leather straps (both Zefal).

Hydration: a single carbon bottle cage (Arundel Mandible) with various small(er) cycling bottles – a quarter full of ordinary water.

Second image is of the bike during the 8848. Also visible in the image are very tired legs and some junk food (banned by WADA).

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Good effort.

FWIW you don’t need a headset spacer to make an MTB crank fit a road BB. Shimano makes 2.5mm spacers specifically for the purpose and includes three of them in the box with a new MTB crankset.

I use 68mm T47 BB shell inserts from Paragon (they don’t make them in 73mm) so I use the Shimano spacers when fitting one of their MTB cransksets.

Thank you for the (cycling) tip! :grinning:

What shoes did you use, throwing away cheap efficiency Watts if the answer is running shoes

Here is my bike, and a very tired me after everesting Donner Pass Road near Lake Tahoe.
everesting mods:

  • extra computer mount for dual computers (wahoo and garmin)
  • 42t sprocket (up from my normal 36), MTB derailleur is standard for me :slight_smile:
  • smaller saddle bag - I normally have a bigger one with lots of junk, just had the bare minimum here as I was riding alone.
  • missing from the pick: top tube feed bag.


great effort @Ashok_Captain. where did you complete it?

:grimacing: Guilty as charged - running shoes! Yup, watts chucked away in favor of comfort. My feet and knees are okay in step in / clipless pedals for about 4-6 hours, after which they protest.
It was a conscious decision as I had planned to chug along slowly till I did 8848 (plus a few for safety). Cheers!

Respect! You soloed it! That makes it so much harder. Appropriate ‘T’ shirt, that’s what I felt like during the latter half of the ride. Cheers!

Thank you! Upper slopes of road that goes up to Lavasa (near Pune, Maharashtra, India). I have to say that the ladies in these parts are tougher than the men, several of them have done the 10,000m. Cheers!

I know for my suburban Everesting I popped a 32 on the back, and didn’t touch it for the first 4,000m.

… then after that I don’t think I came out of it! :sweat_smile:

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