Bottom Bracket Removal Tool? GXP Press fit issues. Dave Rome help!

I’m trying to remove the BB86 GXP press fit bottom bracket from my Giant TCR but the cups won’t move. I’m able to knock the bearings out, which I don’t want. What is the right tool to do this properly to push out the cups and the bearings at once? The sleeve in the middle makes it impossible to knock out. I have bearing presses, park tool bearing punches, but no luck. I just want the right tool for the job. The only thing I can find is the shimano expanding extraction tool but I don’t think that will work since this is GXP and one side is 22mm.

Need David Rome to confirm this.

A tooll that might work is the EnduroBearing BB86/92 Cup Tool (BRT-003).

We’d tried an older version of this tool on a Giant (I forget the model of the bike) and the BB external diameter of the frame was a bit too large to fit the tool. It might have have been redesigned to fit the BB shells of Giant frames.

If you figure out what works, please let us know. Cheers!

Last time I did it was with a long bolt, a hammer, and a drinks muddler from the kitchen (that just happened to be the exact size of the bearings. Amazing). But I think I just got lucky with accuracy when pounding the bolt the first time.

if the sleeve has a smaller diameter than the bearing cup (which it does), I’m struggling to see how you can extract just the cups.

once you extract one bearing, you’ll be able to withdraw the sleeve and gain through-access to the cups, allowing their extraction.

So do folks think the Endurance tool shown will work to remove a 386 with 24 mm spindle Bottom bracket? If not any suggestions on one that will do the job without any banging?

I’ve used that Enduro tool, also on a BB86 Giant TCR Advanced SL, and could only extract bearings, not cups. I ran Kogel bearings which are meant to be serviceable. I was able to extract the bearings cleanly, remove the seals, clean em out, regrease, put new seals in, and reinstall the bearings without roaching them. It was a little stressful, but doable. So if you’re in that boat, extracting just the bearings should be sufficient. On the other hand, if you’re replacing a bb, then you probably want to remove bearings from one side, pull the sleeve out through that side, then pinch put the cups. It’s not artful, but it should work.

This probably isn’t very useful, but I recall Dave doing an Instagram post a couple few years ago on this. He and I had a little conversation in the comments on the post even.

Could be a wild goose chase, but maybe obsessively scrolling his Instagram timeline for any bb related posts going back a few years could lead you to the perfect tool for the job.

So I bought the Enduro tool for my TCR. Unfortunately it only pressed out the bearings from the GXP bb so I had to beat out the cups which I wanted to avoid. I pressed in a kogel bb so if the bearings ever need service I will at least have a way to remove then cleanly.

Thanks for the feedback. @pigeon23 ill try to comb through his posts and get some ideas. Plenty of info and tools for a BB86 but little for a BB386. I see it needing a combo of a PF30 cup and a 24 mm chip. May look to fabricate one. Appreciate the help.