Brake Hoods - poor fitting after maintenance

After bleeding my GRX brakes the hoods just don’t fit the way they did when new. They have a bit of play and don’t fit as tight as they did. This occurs after I roll them from front to back to expose the fluid ports. What can I do? Thanks.

Are you sure you have them correctly fit?

When you say they don’t fit, where and how are they not fitting.

Any photos?

I have had the same with Tiagra 4700 cable actuated (just noticeable) and Ultegra 8000 hydro levers (very noticeable). Just never fitted back the same.

Couple of things to look at:

1 – Are you sure all of the little tabs and flaps are properly reinstalled? There are a lot of tiny extensions and protrusions that link the hood and body together, and it’s easy to miss a couple.

2 – Did you thoroughly clean the lever body with rubbing alcohol before reinstalling the hood? If there’s any mineral oil in there (even a tiny bit), that will cause the two to slide against each other.

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  1. Yes. I’m 100% sure.
  2. That may be the answer.

Peace. Thanks.