Bubbles in a handmade tire

I was riding along on my Challenge Strada Bianca pro-Handmade TLR (so many words) tyres and got a pretty large puncture maybe 3mm give or take. I lost a lot of sealant and had to use a Dynaplug, this worked to close the hole I rode home no worries. However the next day the tyre started to look lumpy. when I took it off the rim I noticed that there seemed to be a bubble in between the casing and the tred. Has anyone seen this before with these tyres? Is it a common problem with handmades?

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Yes. Challenge has had a ton of problems with this. I live in the area where the Almanzo 100 used to be, and they heavily marketed the Challenge Almanzo tires in our area. Lot of riders had the tread delaminate from the casing. I had probably 3 of them do this, until I gave up and got my money back. I would avoid all those tires.


I had a similar issue with the same tires and challenge told me to put in sealant and pop the bubble :unamused:

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Challenge aren’t known for being the most reliable. A riding buddy had a pair a few years back and one tyre showed visible thinning at the sidewall on mounting. Tbf the retailer warrantied it without question but they’re one of the companies whose stuff I just don’t totally trust, if I’m completely honest.

I’ve heard lots of horror stories about their clinchers popping out of rims. While I had no problem with their tubulars I wouldn’t trust any of their tubeless and clincher offering.

Maybe it is not warranted anymore, like Sram disc brake bad reputation which is mostly based on deprecated avid brakes. I hope Challenge have sorted it out but I wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig and there are many other manufacturers to choose from.

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I have been riding these tyers for over a year and been pretty happy with them. I have really beaten them up on gravel as well. for the time being I am going to just get a new one and stick with them for a while, as I don’t have the time or money to get a whole new set of tyers right now. I am curious if any one else has a favorite 30mm tire for mixed road conditions? I suppose I should just give in and get the GP5000 that I assume will do the job just fine. They do lack the je ne sais quoi of the hand mades though

I have a similar association with Rene Herse tyers. They may be great now but a few years ago every one I talked to said the were basically made of tissue paper and didn’t last a whole season.

I’ve had good success with the RH tyres the last couple years. Currently riding their 35mm and 32mm setups with the extralight casing and Pirelli TPU tubes and they’ve each been great with about 800-1000 miles on each.

I’ve told the story of my Challenge Strada Bianca (expensive handmade ones) suddenly popping from my rear wheel enough (JRA really) → asked for a refund, Bike24 didn’t even flick ^^
Never ever will I ride something they made (I’ve ridden Contis, Veloflexes, Hutchinsons, Michelins, Schwalbe and cheap no-name tyres of all sorts and never ever had this happening to me - or to anyone I know).

after six weeks Challange got back to me about the issue. Their response was that nine months and 1000 miles was a “good amount of use” for the tire but would send me a replacement anyway. I am not really sure what they are getting at. Are their products only meant to last for that little time? While I appreciate the new tire I will probably try something different when these ones die. As much as I like how they ride I would hope for more life out of an $80 tire.