Building the perfect CT road bike

I recently built up a retro-modern 80’s bike that can fit 23mm tires max. I was afraid I’d hate the ride, but with narrow tubing , 1" headtube and a steel fork, this bike rides better than my bikes costing 5x more. I am almost embarrassed to admit that a frame/fork that cost me 120 euros rides better than a frameset I paid 3k for.

I feel no need to argue with others for what I see and feel for myself.


With some Nitto shiny stuff for good measure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Careful taking your eyes off where they should be but I glance down at the front hub to see it bouncing away, absorbing energy and I know. Then I lean into it on a steep pitch and feel that deep elastic flex and I know. I know that, while some of the updated systems have merit, modern bikes with the oversized head and down tube sections are just a giant design kluge.

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