CAAD Optimo

Whoa, I assume the nerd alert crew will be absolutely over the moon on this bike. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Threaded BB!


I love that this bike exists & really hope it & its competition are around for years to come.


This will tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people: great entry level bike, great winter bike, great spare/turbo/occasional commuter, and if you’ve got the legs I doubt it would hold you back at ordinary level crit racing tbh. Chapeau to Cannondale, whom I normally dislike on multiple levels.

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They should have made it w/ discs, IMO….far more people want discs than not.

Guilty as charged, Sir! :grin:

Actually, for a US$1,600 bike, is there a case to be made that consumers should not want discs, because using rim brakes lets the company upgrade the specs on the rest of the bike?

I’m not sure if $1,600 would get me a bike with hydraulic Tiagra. If I were buying a bike at that price point with what I know now, I think I’d prefer rim brakes and 11s to 10s and hydraulic disc. If it’s cable disc, I’d definitely prefer rim brakes - now, maybe I’m underestimating cable disc brakes, but I don’t think I am.


But the disc version of this bike exists already; every brand out there has an Al-105-disc-sporty-handling bike. And there is a non-zero cohort out there who don’t want discs, or who are willing to trade discs to have some of the other benefits of this bike (105, 11spd, lighter wheels) that are no longer otherwise available at this price point.

I say good for CDale for providing something for that group.


Robert Allen Zimmermann was right …