Calliper brakes options for wide tires?

Does anyone know if there are any calliper brake options that will allow up to a 40mm tire (or even 36 or 38mm)? Not looking for mini-v’s or cantis.

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I fit a Diacompe 806 over a 2" tyre if that helps…

SJS Cycles stock a few long/wide calipers:

Diacompe BRS-202 should also work if you want the cable on the “standard” side.

Might want to look at good/better brake pads with some of these though.

Perhaps also the TRP 957? E.g. TRP RG957 Deep Drop Brakes – Condor Cycles

And there is the Velo Orange grand cru that looks nice: Velo Orange Grand Cru Long Reach Caliper Brakeset

I would look at Compass/Rene Herse centrepul brakes, as well as Paul Racer M/Racer brakes. Paul says teh Racer M can fit 45mm fenders so 40c tires should work.

Presuming this is for an existing bicycle, how much brake reach do you need?

TRP RG957 and similar standard reach brakes can’t manage a lot more than 32 mm. Standard reach is 47-57 mm.

For more you’ll need long reach calipers (anything more than 57 mm). Paul Racers are very nice and powerful, but very expensive. Velo Orange Grand Cru are said to be good but I have never seen them in the flesh. Tektro’s options are more entry-level, and said to lack braking power.

Yes they will clear a 45 mm mudguard, but still fit a frame made for standard reach brakes. So as stated above, the answer depends on the frame the brakes will be mounted to :slight_smile:

The venerable Tektro R559, but those are long reach (55+) and can fit 50mm tires

Other option are Shimano 451, reach of 47-57 and you could probably squeeze an actual 38 in there with good clearance. 40s would be tight, but would fit without tire and wheel wobble.

As for the Paul Racers, those are apparently getting discontinued, so if you want to go that route, you better make that decision quickly!

Good Luck!

I had Tektro long-reach brakes on my old commuter. Braking power was miserable, even with new Kool-stop pads. I felt like all the force I was putting into them was converted to brake-arm flex. There were occasions where I had to do Flintstone stops. After wiping out in the rain—largely due to the aforementioned miserable braking power—I got rid of that bike.