Campagnolo Ekar feedback

I’ve been planning to upgrade my Curve Kevin to Campagnolo Ekar since it came out. I love Campag and it’s on all my bikes except for the MTB and gravel bike, so when I first read about Ekar I was delighted.

I am looking for feedback from users - at this stage I have read/watched pretty much every review available on the web and read Campag’s description of the parts so I roughly know what I need to order.

The time is right for me - I’ve got the funds and have ridden my Apex 1 currenty installed on my Kevin pretty much to the ground, and I’ve located most of the parts (it seems that there is supply if I’m prepared to order from several suppliers).

So, Ekar users, what’s your story? Do you like it, does it work well, would you buy again? What should I consider when choosing the different versions of crankset, cassette and chain? What about maintenance?
Non-Ekar users who saw Ekar used in the wild, what have you heard, seen, and what did you think?

Thanks all for sharing :ok_hand:

A friend of mine uses Ekar on a gravel bike pretty much always on paved road, with road 28mm tires.
He choose the crankset with 40 teeth and the “medium” cassette sprocket (9-42).
He is quite powerful, so he barely uses the two biggest sprockets, by the way I see that the shifts and the operation is flawless.
He told that he broke the first chain, with about 3000km usage.
No more issues on the other chains he used.