Campagnolo shamal carbon disc wheels

Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are in regards Campagnolo shamal carbon disc wheels for my 3 t gravel bike?

I have no experience with the Shamal. I did notice an ad for a Fulcrum Rapid Red on the website that seems to be an alternative gravel wheel from Campy (Fulcrum being their Campy for Shimano riders sub brand). On clicking the ad I learned that it has a 25mm internal width that is more in line with the current trends in this class of wheel.
Perhaps the CT crew have reviews of these coming out?

Rode them once (was on an Ekar demo bike at my LBS). Tbh, the bike was a size too big for me, and I was focusing on the groupset, but they seemed very capable. They’re pretty but the logos were decals which is disappointing. On paper, the specs look sensible; 21mm inner width, tubeless out of the box (2 way fit I think), have no obvious tyre restrictions. The Zipp 303s is very similar money, a smidge wider and a hair lighter, but needs tape for tubeless (probably negating any weight advantage tbh) and has tyre restrictions iirc (hookless only). I’m a Campag fan and f you have Ekar, I’d match them up, but otherwise, the Zipps might be my choice. You could also look at Hunt 42 Limitless gravel - they’re perhaps a more specialist gravel wheel and at least on paper look good.

What tire width and what purpose are you using the wheels for? Also what is your weight, not a fan for G3 lacing for heavier riders.

Gravel bike with Campy? Need to go with the Fulcrum Rapid Reds.

Built a Moots RCS with Ekar in Sept '21 with two wheelsets. Rapid Red 3 for gravel with Vittoria Terreno Dry 33, and running loaner Shamal Carbon with Corsa 28s on the road. Waiting on backordered Boras for final set. Goal was to go as much Campy as possible on the build, plus I really wanted to go alloy on the gravel side. Rapid Red is it in the Campy world. Wider (24mm vs 21mm) than the Shamals and they really widen those Terrenos out, closer to 35. So much so I had to put a 31 on the rear for chain stay clearance. Also added foam inserts for extra protection on the relatively skinny gravel tires. Went with Tannus Armour at suggestion of LBS. He likes the built in/formed in bead hooks. No issues at all with setup. Of course, 2wks after the build Fulcrum releases Rapid Red Carbon at 25mm. I’m very happy with the Rapid Red 3s and saving $1000 and keeping alloy rims on the gravel.

For me this would be a big plus - if only to not tempt thieves to steal them. I like going around in “stealth mode”, though the signature spoke-placement would give the shamals away easily anyway. But for any other wheel…:person_shrugging: