Can someone explain to me what the Corsa N.EXT is supposed to be?

Looking at ordering tires for both my race wheels and my training wheels. I’ve always been happy with 25mm Corsa’s and latex tubes (tubeless won’t work because these wheels will only be used on race days/openers) for racing. Came across these new Corsa N.EXT and it appears Vittoria is keeping up the Italian tire brand tradition of making their product mix incredibly confusing for customers.

These all seem to cost the same. Is this a race tire that should displace the normal Corsa but with better flat protection or is it a foul weather training and occasional race option to displace the Corsa Control?

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They’re non-cotton casing right? So I assume it’s a more mass market, non-racer targeted performance tire. Like Vittoria trying to go for Continental and Pirelli.


I thought that the Rubino Pro already occupied this space? I run these tubeless all year round with good results.

I previously used tubeless Corsa Controls on the same bike, but had to switch to the Rubinos when the treads became unstuck from the cotton carcass.

I run standard Corsa tyres with latex tubes on my Sunday Best vintage Colnago. Tan wall of course!

It’s supposed to be a nylon-casing clincher that offers better performance than anything else currently in the Vittoria range, but with more durability than any of the cotton offerings.


It’s an updated Rubino in my eyes but the Corsa brand clearly has more cache then the Rubino one.

I’m keen to try them out as the Rubino has been a good winter training tyre but the latest one is pretty sluggish feeling.

Corsa Controls just don’t stand up to winter round here, lovely grip and ride feel but too many punctures

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I saw it as Vttoria trying to compete with the Conti GP5000 tire.

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I see them (rightly or wrongly) as a Pirelli P-Zero Race competitor; very fast (if not quite as fast as a true racing tyre) but with (in theory) enough puncture protection for day to day use, year round except possibly the depths of winter.

I’ll be trying a pair when my P-Zeros wear out or go to rubber heaven (that’s not a club in Berlin, btw :slight_smile:). I’ve always liked the ride feel of Corsas (and the Controls) but they’re not tough enough for UK use except as a Sunday best.

Got it, so stick with what I’m doing but if I decide to train on my race wheels then switch to the N.EXT.

I have 200 miles on the next’s. Was running Schwalbe pro’s, which seemed more cushy but that might be me. They have excellent grip and no signs of wear but it’s still early. They lose lots of air between rides and I just live with it. I wanted a racy tire with more durability. So far so good.

Or just get some Corsa Control for training on the race wheels. Nothing beats the ride of the cotton tires with latex tubes IMO.

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