Cassette tools

After struggling with a stubborn cassette lock ring I think I need something other than a set of mole grips. Needed to use a QR to keep the tool in so can’t use a socket set.

Want to be able to use it for different lock rings (and I’ve seen some BB tools in the same hex fitting) but the only tools I can find that aren’t eBay mystery metal are the Park fwr1 and Pedro’s pro socket handle. Both of these aren’t cheap (or super Abbey Tools expensive) but happy to pay for something that doesn’t bend!

Other than those brands are there any brands I’ve missed? Or are people using a generic ring spanner?

Don’t know where you live, but PRO (Shimano) and BBB have some decent tools for the home mechanic. Their BB tools come with a handle/lever.


All the Pro ones are handle/tool combos. I’ve got the lock ring tools and just wanted a handle. Something with a bit more leverage than my adjustable wrenches.

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10 inch adjustable wrench works great for me. :person_shrugging: You can get a bigger wrench, or get a socket that is the right size and use a socket wrench, which is essentially all that pedros handle is.

Seems like an unnecessary job for a bike tool brand, since all you want is leverage. Tools from a hardware store will do the job for much cheaper.


Maybe a crowfoot attachment of the right size for the lockring tool to attach to a socket/torque wrench, assuming you have one already.

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I can’t deny that the Abbey Tool Crombie is great, you can apply lots of leverage and it fits snuggly in the lock ring but I fully get the issue of cost. Based on experience with a Target or big W toolkit (I believe) a tool which is solely a cassette tool is the way to go.

Always had decent stuff from these guys.

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I have the handle from Pedro’s and I’ll never even contemplate using an adjustable wrench anymore. It just works so much better and is totally worth it. (Now I only need to invest in the Vise Whip, my cheapo chain whip isn’t particularly helpful, either.)