Cervelo mtb

Did anybody catch pinkbikes accidental leak today about Cervelos two new mtb? Theyve since deleted but wasw ondering if anybody had guess on who they were making them for since its still in prototype. Im wondering if Wout van Aert going after pidcock and MVDP sibce they had the prototype cyclocross for him.

It’s still there, Levy just set the video to private until the media embargo is over.

Yeah i know its the media embargo annoyance at least it shows sea otter kinda meanss something again. But they did delete it off the home page where it was live earlier today. I just found it odd that cervelo would be developing 2 mtn bikes given that both santa cruz and cannondale both also owned by Pon Holdings have established mtn bike programs and hadnt seen anything on uci trade teams for xc connected to cervelo. Was wondering if this could be an indication of a bike in developement for a specific rider similar to how their new cyclocross came about with the Jumbo connection.

Maybe Wout is thinking about dabbling in Mountain biking and they wanted to get ahead of the curve.

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If anyone, it’d be Milan Vader most likely. Of course, he had that terrible crash the other day. Wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.