Cervelo S5 - yes or no?

About to commit to the new Cervelo S5, currently being ridden by JV and slated for public release at the Tour. Will spec with Dura Ace and 60mm Princeton Carbon Works. Interested to know from people who have the current S5 their views?

I am looking for a fast bike on the flats and valleys that climbs ok. Coming from a Trek Emonda and Colnago C59. Thanks in advance.


Did you end up getting this? Sounds like a rocket.


I think Jumbo are riding a newer version of the S5 that is redesigned around the more relaxed UCI tube depth rules. I would wait and see when that bike becomes available because it is always tough to buy something that expensive that will be immediately obsolete.


My wife has one as it was the only bike available during the pandemic after an unplanned intersection with a car totalled her previous rim brake R3.

It’s a good bike and I’d buy another one. Whether you get the current model or the new ones Jumbo has is no big deal as the changes are pretty marginal, so fine to get the old one if the price is reasonable.

Just make sure you do daily yoga so you can ride the bars slammed. I don’t have one myself because it looks silly with multiple spacers. Make sure you like the bar curve / size and stem size as you are limited to proprietary parts. You’re also limited to 25mm tyres as I doubt 28mm would fit under the seat tube as 25mm tight. So also not a bike to ride on gravel, mud etc.

The wheels it comes with stock are fine, but I’d go with deeper rims if building from scratch. Some people don’t like the internal steering stop as you can break it if you crash, but imho you can break most bikes if you crash, so not a big deal as we don’t do 3/J crit races any more.

Whether the bike is right for you is a good question. If you are the sort of person who likes riding fast on the flat or goes for KOMs downhill and your roads are fairly smooth then go for it. But probably not playing to your strengths if you are a featherweight person who rides easily on the flats and goes for KOMs uphill in a country with bad roads and gravel.


Thanks - that exactly my thinking. The differences are modest from the current one but there’s no stock of the current one anyway. Should be released next month.

Thanks Andrew - that’s in line with feedback from a couple of mates who have the current S5. Crosswinds are an issue for lighter riders but I’m 6”2 and 80kg so not a problem in my case. I’ve pre-ordered the new one which should be released next month. Will mainly be using it for flatter and rolling hill races - my crit days are long over :grimacing:

Ended up pre-ordering it, hopefully it will be released in July although might be a wait till it comes through after that. Should be an absolute weapon on the flats and rolling terrain. Will also hang on to the Emonda as my dedicated climbing rig.

JV and Wout were using the S5 pretty extensively throughout the Spring, even on hilly days.

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Sounds good.

I’m riding the S5 this year after three years on a Trek Madone. It is a rocket ship, by far the fastest bike I’ve been on. I ride mostly flat roads with some rolling hills. It is set-up 1x and only weighs 17 lbs 1 oz. I also have an R5 (2x) and it’s only 5 oz heavier than the R5. It is an excellent bike.


I wish I could climb at their pace where aero has a bigger effect! Yep the comments I’ve had is the (current) S5 climbs pretty well for an aero bike but it’s not as comfortable on big alpine days as a more dedicated climbing rig - so I’ll hang on to my Emonda for those days and ride the S5 for the rest.