Checking disc brake pad part number

Does anyone know how to check for a disc brake pad part number without needing to remove the pads themselves?

I’ve got a bunch of bikes I want to order pads for before the wear out and don’t really any to remove each and every one of them to see the model numbers.

Search by caliper model. The Shimano site will give the pad part numbers and I would think other brands would be the same

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So the inside of the caliper is the part number I search for?

Yep, BR-M9100. Should be an XTR caliper.K03Ti or K04Ti pads. BR-M9100
Any of the other pad brands should have a list of compatible pads -Disc Brake Pads | SwissStop

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Thanks! That saved me 2hrs of removing pads from 5 bikes

Here’s another good compatibility chart.