Christoph Strasser - why no coverage?

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joining the forum here after lurking a bit.

The recent article on the €1 can of coke incident at the transcontinental race reminded me that Cyclingtips (and other english-speaking cycling media) are quite a bit deaf to the exploits of non US/UK/AUS riders.

Case in point: I can find over 20 articles on Lachlan Morton’s exploits and a meagre 1 (2 if you’re generous) on Christoph Strasser, even though the guy has done huge amounts over the years: 6x RAAM winner, 24h world record holder on the track and outside, only person to cycle more than 1000km in 24h, etc). I daresay much more than Lachlan. (note - not hating on Lachlan here, I like the guy and think what he does is great, just pointing out the difference in coverage).

And yes, Lachlan’s stuff is better marketed by his team, but it’s the press’s job to report on worthwhile stuff.

@Cyclingtips - more international diversity, across language barriers :slight_smile:



I’m going to assume you are talking about non-traditional racing since on the front page today it’s 1/8 riders from the countries you mention? Wilco, Nairo, Jai, Primoz, Dumoulin, Bernal, Vivian, Luttwig.

Yeah, I get the impression this is about the racing discipline, not the racer’s national origin.

I’m also interested in ultra cycling, so as far as I’m concerned, more coverage would not go amiss.

Yes and no to both above: re the road cycling reference: yes, there are lots of international riders, but the reporting is race centric most often. But when it comes to lesser known events, the reporting seems to be driven more by an interest in the person (eg Morton), and the is dominated by anglophone riders.

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Okay, but coming here to complain about this is like begrudging L’Équipe for focusing on French riders, isn’t it?

Anyway, I too would be interested in having occasional coverage of lesser known events, be they ultra or gravel races around the world, or other niche events.