Chronic indecision: new bike spec

100%….comfort is critical.

Seriously, this is a no-brainer Campag choice for me.


Either you need another job, but then you won’t have time to ride that bike and the problem is solved. Or you need a raise.

Ha. It has taken me 20 years to get to a place where I can work 4 days a week, less than 40 weeks a year, and pay the bills with a bit to spare. I’m not changing soon!


Good on ya! :+1:


So what’s the final decision? Record!?!?

Yup. Record & WTO 33s. Deda finishing kit


People live in a variety of places.
If I’m only shifting the front at the top and bottom of hills, I’m front shifting at least 50x (give or take) on a 25 mile ride. It’s all rolling terrain where I am. I am constantly shifting. If my front (or rear) shifting sucked it would make a difference to me.

Been a campy man for like 15 years with mechanical but just sold my Baum with 12sp Record and never going back.
No parts, always out of tune and electric is just so much nicer plus I went disc brake now.
Yes, its something else to charge but the never ending out of tune noise and only been able to get a super record cassette for $550.00 is just not good enough.

Good luck

What did you go for instead out of interest? Baum are lovely.

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First pic…


How do you make your groupset gets out of tune like that?

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There are many ways to do this, if you’re targeting that never-quite-dialled in feel.

I’d recommend, in order, not following the installation instructions, having a wonky rear mech hanger, a too short rear mech cable loop, tight internal routing, not using the right length chain, and a bike with chainstays shorter or longer than Campag’s specs.

There are other things to try if none of this works.

:grinning: :rofl:


Nice, a Donhou. Really like their signature color theme, but this is also stylish, I think. Is it Mondrian or Kandinsky inspired? Miro uses more organic shapes.

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its a skill I have, lol.
I ride maybe 200-250kms a week and had the 12 speed for 2 years, always new chains, cables and cassette and the right indexing is wrong, dropping chains and just goes out of tune.
Campy is done for me after way too long.

Good eye. It’s a nod to Mondrian; almost a deconstructed one, if that makes sense? The forks will match as well:
(That’s obviously just a CAD mock-up)

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Oops :rofl:


Spending all of your dollars (Euros/Pound/etc), I see.

I’m sensing a plot twist here! :sunglasses:



I decided that I wanted Campag ergonomics but I did want electronic. EPS was the way of squaring that.

It is going to depend on drilling one extra hole in the frame, and a C2W voucher, but those things notwithstanding, it should be good to go!

And because life is too short :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hey mate.
Went Cervelo and Sram E-tap.

Custom build is great till we get older or less flexible or injured or all of the above.