Clutch Rear Der for 11spd Gravel Bike

Hello Everyone,

For starters, I’m basically illiterate with anything off-road, so bear w me here (pure roadie here).

I got a gravel bike. It’s a very nice one, fits me well and handles great. The bike is fit with SRAM Force 22 speed, 2x. The issue here is the rear derailleur. There is no particular problem with the rear der per se; rather, I noticed how much chain slap there is, so I wondered what is out there in terms of rear derailleurs that are:

  • clutch (so no chain slaps)
  • compatible with SRAM gearing/levers

I may have to get a medium-to-longer cage to accommodate a max 32-34 tooth cog, but the crux here is a clutch rear der that works well with sram.

Please respond with realistic and practical suggestions, with civility.

Thanks guys!


Sram 10 speed mtb rear derailleurs work with 11 speed road shifters

This will work.


You’re looking for a Force 1 rear derailleur, these are the off-road versions of your Force 22 one. Go for the long cage version - it can handle up 42t cassette, better to have the ability to go big when / if you need to.

Easy and most cost effective immediate solution if the slap against the frame is the primary problem is to just wrap some old bar tape around the chain stay I do this on my MTB which despite having a clutch RD still slaps on the chainstay.

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Does a Force 1 rear mech work on a 2x set up? I’d be worried about chainwrap.

Sorry missed you are on x2. Not sure why a clutched mech still wouldn’t work though.
32-34 max cog shouldn’t cause any issues with chain wrap. But yes you can’t use a 10-42 on x2.
FYI - Think the new AXS rear derailleurs which are x2 all have clutches in them.

EDIT - seen the post below. Happy to have been proved wrong - learn something new everyday!

Great tip. But mind that you lose the barrel adjuster by using a MTB derailleur.

Regarding the initial question to use a 1x SRAM derailleur: see here

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I think this is the only solution for the OP outside of converting to 1x or swapping the groupset for a Shimano one instead.

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You could try shortening your chain to the bare minimum. I dont think sram offers 2x mechanical clutch rd’s for road/gravel.

I can confirm the 10x sram MTB derailleurs works really well for this application. I used that on my cyclocross bike a few years ago. The lack of barrel adjuster is easily solved with an inline one or adding a third party one at the end.

Heads up (from experience) - on SRAM 1x rear mechs the upper jockey wheel is fairly offset from the pulley cage pivot. What this means in practice is that the amount of chain wrap (on a 1x setup this is affected by sprocket size) changes the distance from the upper pulley to the rear wheel axle, allowing the jockey wheel to track the cassette properly.

If you try and use those rear mechs with a 2x setup, the change in chain wrap when shifting on the front means the upper jockey wheel gets jammed into the cassette in the small chainring and is too far away to shift properly in the big chainring.

My gravel bike came set up with Rival 1x but I needed a lower bailout gear for a tour - the cheapest practical solution I found was to use a Shimano XT M8000 rear derailleur (with an SGS cage - the longest option) and a cable pull adapter. I then swapped in an old mtb double spider and used a friction shifter for the front mech as I didn’t want it for normal riding to make it easy to revert back to 1x (no brake bleeding and rewrapping bar tape).

I think this would work nicely in your application to give you 2x and a clutch, although you might need to check the Shimano rear mech works with smaller cassettes. Maybe there’s a GRX rear mech that would work as well?

A Sram 1x derailleur will not work with a 2x system

Interesting in that I’ve read both for and against a clutch rear derailleur being able to work with a 2 x setup?

I was considering trying an Ingrid rear clutch derailleur with my Campagnolo 12spd but it’s not recommended with 2 x but some have said it will work fine?

I can’t speak to Ingrid or Campagnolo components, but Shimano GRX derailleurs have clutches for both 1x and 2x configurations. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with have a clutch with a 2x setup, although there may be other compatibility issues.

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Thks, now I know I can sell the Sram Force CX1 RD that I’ve been keeping aside as I don’t intend to have a 1x bike anytime soon.

I am pretty sure a clutch does not determine the compatibility, it is the movement of the parallelogram.

Are Shimano GRX RD compatible with Sram force shifters, i.e. same pull ratio and cage movement?

The companies have always claimed incompatibility, but certain combos have worked such as 12 speed Sram eagle shifter works great with Shimano 12 speed RD

If so then you can put a 2x clutch GRX RD on.

Easiest solution though as someone said is wrap the chainstay. Not aesthetically pleasing but gets the job done.

Also not totally relevant, but a Force 1 RD will clear a 9-46t cassette (and shift better than the 10-42 imo)